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Relocating mid year - Y6 and Y4 - Sheffield

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Hilda41 Tue 06-Oct-20 11:30:42

We’re relocating to Sheffield - S11 our catchment school will be Ecclesall primary, but I’ve heard all schools in this area are quite over subscribed.
Has anyone made a similar move in this area mid year? I’ve rung the council, but they can’t get us on the waiting lists /give us an idea of places until we’ve actually exchanged
I have 2 children in Y6 and Y4, we’ll be moving around December, so my daughter will also miss the secondary school application which is also a big worry.
I was wondering if anyone had any idea if the children would be likely to get a place within the area, or whether we’d end up travelling across Sheffield? I am giving up my job for the relocation, so could always home school until a place came up. Has anyone else made a mid year move in Sheffield? Thanks in advance.

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Aragog Tue 06-Oct-20 18:59:58

It's worth asking as there does appear to be some movement this term. Some children moving back or not returning from home countries - there is the universities and hospitals which often bring with them staff and mature students from abroad. Also some parents have decided to keep children at home.

So may be worth trying them anyway and get in as many waiting lists for local schools as you can.

Aragog Tue 06-Oct-20 19:00:47

If you have a moving address you may be able to put in an application now and update later.

Sumlove Tue 06-Oct-20 20:03:17

If you are sure you are moving and know the school you want for secondary, I would submit the application for your y6 child with your current authority with the Sheffield school 1st preference. Only if sure you're moving. If they are not oversubscribed then you may gain a place and your application wouldn't be late. I would check the allocations from last year and see if oversubscribed.

Hilda41 Tue 06-Oct-20 21:00:21

@Aragog Reassuring to know there is some movement. The secondary school we want is over subscribed, but we will be living very close - a short walk away from it.
The primary schools I've tried all say we need to go via the council

@Sumlove, interesting idea, hadn't thought of that. Do you know of anyone in Sheffield who has got a school place by applying from a distance?

Thanks for your help!

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Sumlove Tue 06-Oct-20 21:24:10

I would just check with admissions how far they offered. If refused, you would have a good case for appeal based on moving after the closing date. I would also confirm with them if they have an extended closing date for secondary. Many authorities allow applications into November if moving etc or change of preferences.
Always better to have an on-time application in, rather than late. Especially if there is early movement. They cannot offer you a place if you're not on the list.

Aragog Wed 07-Oct-20 07:34:07

Yes, you will have to apply via the council for any applications, unless looking at the independent schools in the area.

movingonup20 Wed 07-Oct-20 07:51:44

You cannot apply until you have exchanged, always the way, but we called local schools and got tours prior (obviously no covid then). The council have to find a place

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