Backwards letters.

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FelicityPike Sun 04-Oct-20 16:36:45

Before I properly start I know that it’s very early days and I’m very prepared to hear that.
My DD is 5 and started P1 in August. The class have just started writing/ practicing their letters and numbers.
While doing her homework (again practicing writing her letters and numbers) using both pencils and paper and whiteboard and pens, that she writes an “s” and a “2” backwards. I realise that these are quite similar in nature and that she’s only just beginning BUT do I say something to her teacher now or do I wait a little longer?
Her school is incredibly clued up regarding dyslexia and things like that.
What do you reckon?

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Doyoumind Sun 04-Oct-20 16:38:22

This is so common. It would be more unusual if there were never letters the wrong way round. Don't worry about it a this stage.

BexR Sun 04-Oct-20 16:38:34

Wait. It's really common and this year is all about getting confident with pencil hold. My dc is year 1 and still does it, apparently being a leftie often leads to mirror writing too.

Letseatgrandma Sun 04-Oct-20 16:40:23

No, I really wouldn’t. It is so common it really isn’t anything to worry about at this stage.

FelicityPike Sun 04-Oct-20 16:47:20

Thank you. I knew I was being OTT (deep down).

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HandfulofDust Sun 04-Oct-20 21:08:36

Incredibly common at age 5 when first learning to write it remains normal until around 7.

Wilbedon Mon 05-Oct-20 11:15:55

I am glad you said that Handful. My summer born, left handed, year 3 DS still occasionally reverses b, d and p. He has improved massively since reception and it has not affected any other part of his learning. His reading, spelling, creative writing and maths seem ok.


Muddypuddlesinthewoods Mon 05-Oct-20 11:24:40

I have 3 dc all have done this however only one is dyslexic.
The dyslexic child was the only one still doing it by the age of 7.
I wouldn't worry at this age.

GrumblyMumblyisnotJumbly Mon 05-Oct-20 11:30:28

Quite normal at this age and beyond so try not to worry.

viques Tue 06-Oct-20 12:36:59

Very common. Its a combination of visual and muscle memory , familiarity and practice , remembering the starting place for each letter and numeral and the direction of the first movement. Most children eventually get it sorted.

If you think about the examples you give, s and 2 , both have similar starting places but the first movement for each is quite different. However numeral 8 , which also starts in the same place has a first movement like an s, while numeral 3 , which looks somewhat like numeral 8 reverts back to the same first starting direction as 2.

AriettyHomily Tue 06-Oct-20 12:38:50

It's completely normal! She's only five.

Baaaahhhhh Tue 06-Oct-20 13:46:53

Honestly don't worry. Both my DD's did this. In fact DD2 then made it a party trick - she could write the whole alphabet backwards and inverse really quickly....... teachers actually thought it was really cool!

I don't know whether this is connected, but as a teen she was really good at learning anything with symbols, Greek, cyrillic script, hieroglyphs etc. She could even write Elvish ala Lords of the Rings. Odd child grin.

fallfallfall Tue 06-Oct-20 19:42:32

it's a developmental thing, totally normal till 7.

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