Streaming in classes?

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Cherryblossom200 Mon 28-Sep-20 20:08:07

Hi everyone,

I have a child who has just gone into year 1. She's a February born baby, not sure if that makes a great deal of difference! She's a very friendly, happy little thing and doesn't cause problems within class. But she came home and told me that she's been separated with the children on her table and put into a different maths class. One of the children has autism in the group.

Another set of children from the class have also been streamed into a different group.

So I'm assuming it's because they are either needing additional help or over achieving.

I'm probably over thinking things, but naturally I'm concerned as I'm worried she isn't doing very well. All the children, including my daughter are sat at the front.

She can count up to 50 with no issue and understands what is a smaller number vs a bigger one.

Should I be concerned? I'll chat to the teacher, but I'm wondering if anyone understands this process please?

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MrsLJ2014 Mon 28-Sep-20 20:42:28

Yes, asking the teacher is the only way you'll know! Being in a group with someone with autism doesn't enlighten you or us! In my current year 1 class, one of my boys with autism is in my top group and the other little boy with autism is in my middle group!
Some of my children know numbers to 50, some to 100 and some can't count to 10. Some recognise numbers to 100 but can't add 2 numbers to 10.
Such ask the teacher! I understand, with my parent head on, why you are worried though - when they say I went to so and so for such and such lesson, you wonder why!!

MrsLJ2014 Mon 28-Sep-20 20:47:09

Should also say, yes we 'stream' within class for English and Maths but these groups are extremely fluid and change constantly.
We also set for Phonics across the year group. We used to do it across the key stage but not now because of bubbles!

Cherryblossom200 Mon 28-Sep-20 21:17:32

Thanks Mrs L. You are right it does worry me when I get told she's moved to such and such class! And naturally I think the worst 😝 but I guess they have missed a huge chunk of reception and have some catching up to do.

Just out of interest, do teachers place children strategically in the front of the class if they are seen as having learning issues? Seems strange all the children in the front row went into the same maths group.

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LolaSmiles Mon 28-Sep-20 21:24:03

A child having a special education need in her group doesn't count for much to be honest.
Your best course of action would be to speak to the teachers, ask for more information and then if you want to / need to you can support at home.
Just out of interest, do teachers place children strategically in the front of the class if they are seen as having learning issues? Seems strange all the children in the front row went into the same maths group.
Usually I seat students based on my knowledge of them. If I think about my front rows at the moment (Covid considerations) then my front rows typically have students who are on the SEN register and will require more support that I can't do without circulating (which isn't allowed much), students who have visual impairment or hearing impairments, students who are able but need some help to focus, students who are middle academically but often need reassurance and I can't keep going into the student zone of the room to help them.

Cherryblossom200 Mon 28-Sep-20 21:32:01

Thanks 👍 I think my little one has issue with focusing, hence why she's possibly been placed at the front and might be why she's now in a separate maths class. Makes sense now.

She's a bright thing, but I think she just lacks concentrating at times because she like to play 😆 the transition from reception to year one is a big one...

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MrsLJ2014 Mon 28-Sep-20 21:33:44

I remember the 1st time my little boy told me he'd gone to Mr R that day - I thought that he must have misbehaved but oh no, it was just for Phonics!!

My class is in rows at the minute. I have 3 rows and each ability group sits in one column of tables - so 2 from my lower ability group are at the front, 2 are behind them on the middle row and 2 behind them on the back row. Repeat for other groups.

However, above poster does it differently, which shows how different all schools / classes are, especially in these current times!


HandfulofDust Tue 29-Sep-20 11:36:29

I really wouldn't worry. It's totally normal for this to happen and the streams change as the kids get older.

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