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Pre-Prep/Prep Schools in Ealing

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Londonmamatoboys Wed 13-Jan-21 23:40:23

Thanks @eagleone that’s really helpful.

eagleone Wed 13-Jan-21 22:52:57

@Londonmamatoboys The school run was ok. About 15/20 mins from Northfields on a good morning, leaving about 7.45, to just over Kew bridge will get you to Kew Green Prep /Kew College/Broomfield/Unicorn.
Post Covid with new LTN's and new cycle lanes it might well be longer.
Had friends with school runs from Chiswick and again at the time it was ok.
If you have time, post drop off or pre pick up, Kew Village /Green/Gardens etc is obviously a bonus ;-)

Londonmamatoboys Wed 13-Jan-21 21:57:24

Hey guys, just come across this as we live in Ealing and are facing a dilemma now of where to accept school places/move house to. @eagleone how was it managing the school run back and forth to Kew from Ealing? We’re worried that with two boys, 3 years apart with different schedules, that it might become too difficult. Considering accepting a place and moving to Chiswick instead, but it’s hard admitting defeat over Ealing an area we love. Can’t find decent coed independent schools here though sad

BattenbergCake88 Thu 01-Oct-20 16:35:01

Thank you very much, @eagleone. 12 years on I think we are reaching the same conclusion as you did re the schools.

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eagleone Mon 28-Sep-20 19:38:39

We didn't find alot of choice in Ealing for pre-prep/prep....but I am going back 12 years! However because we live towards the south of the borough (Northfields) and work in Chiswick , we found alot more choice in Chiswick and just over the river in Kew, and went with one of those.
Obviously you get more house for your money in Ealing/Northfields than Chiswick or Kew! so if you go down that route, it would mean a journey to drop off/pick up .

BattenbergCake88 Sun 27-Sep-20 22:52:19

Hello Mumsnetters!

We are currently expecting a baby and are thinking of moving out our West Hampstead flat to a bigger house in Ealing or Fulham. As this is likely to be a place where we will live for the next 5/10 years, thought it would be sensible to get a feel for the schooling situation for our DD.

Would anyone here be able to steer me on the pre-prep/prep schools in Ealing?

Obviously we have no idea what our child will be like but currently working with the assumption that she will be of average intelligence and will enjoy a bit of sports/creative arts.

Many thanks for your help smile

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