If a primary teacher was moved from year 6 to year 3, is that a demotion ?

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Lardlizard Fri 25-Sep-20 23:35:11

I thought the better teachers were kept for the start of school and the end
And the not so great ones in the middle ?

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Redlocks28 Fri 25-Sep-20 23:37:11

No, that really isn’t the case!

FlibbertyGiblets Fri 25-Sep-20 23:37:54

[Picard facepalm]

bettsbattenburg Fri 25-Sep-20 23:38:09

No. It's the start of a new key stage and so the children have to adjust to the changes there, a good teacher is as important then as it is in any other year group.

EducatingArti Fri 25-Sep-20 23:38:19

No, not at all.
Most primary teachers move around age groups every so often. It is good practice to prevent you getting stale. Some like to stay within a particular range of years or specialise in early years but ultimately it is up to the head teacher. A good head will encourage staff to move years from time to time

WilsonandNoodles Fri 25-Sep-20 23:39:12

Its important as you progress to get experience in all year groups to have a greater understanding if the challenges at each stage.

Notashandyta Fri 25-Sep-20 23:39:44

Usually the best teachers are put in years 2 and 6 though this isnt always the case


Brashopper Fri 25-Sep-20 23:40:27

There could be several possible reasons. If the class had a difficult time in y2 (Eg lots of cover teachers or one poor teacher) a very good teacher might be moved to help them in y3.

MerryMarigold Fri 25-Sep-20 23:40:41

I'd also assume that y6 is high pressure and sometimes people need, and may ask for, a break from that. Or maybe they just miss the younger kids and ask to move ages... It's not necessarily a move that's been imposed.

Sittin Fri 25-Sep-20 23:41:19

No 🤣 why would you think that?
Teaching small people how to read isn’t easier or less important than teaching slightly larger people how to do fractions.

Oblahdeeoblahdoe Fri 25-Sep-20 23:43:02

There's usually a dip in attainment in Y3 so it could be argued that the best teachers are needed there. My last HT had a policy of moving all of his staff every two years so no one became too stale in any one year group.

TracyBeakerSoYeah Fri 25-Sep-20 23:43:20

Some of my friends are teachers & they get moved around every few years to keep them fresh & to stimulate them.

TheRuleofStix Fri 25-Sep-20 23:43:25

I was once asked by a friend’s dh how long I had to work as a primary teacher before I got promoted to secondary grin

growinggreyer Fri 25-Sep-20 23:46:58

If a nurse is moved from paeds to geriatrics is that a promotion?

pastandpresent Fri 25-Sep-20 23:49:29

My dc's school changed who taught which year every year in ks2. So I don't think so.

saraclara Fri 25-Sep-20 23:54:16

Seriously? Another face palm here.

I taught kids with special needs. Obviously I was a rubbish teacher.

ineedaholidaynow Fri 25-Sep-20 23:56:55

Teachers move around quite frequently. Good for them to have different experience if they want to become more senior. May also because they want a break from Y6, which is high pressured. Could also be that the current Y6 are a tricky class and they gelled with a previous teacher so school think they will do best with that teacher again in Y6. Or it could be that the Y6 teacher would have their own child in the class and thought it would be best to teach a different class. Many different reasons, but demotion is unlikely.

Lardlizard Sat 26-Sep-20 00:00:15

This particular teacher has been year 6 for at least 7 years, so they are not often moved the reception teacher has been the reception teacher for over 10years, so it isn’t that, yes I thought reception, y2 and y6 were known as the most important
This teacher is known for having favourites (which I can understand) But also for being very full of themselves !

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ineedaholidaynow Sat 26-Sep-20 00:06:36

Maybe they need a break from Y6. Are they SLT, can see on the website?

saraclara Sat 26-Sep-20 00:06:56

Seriously, moving year groups is not a demotion. Every child of every age needs good teaching. Every year group has its different challenges.

Seven years is a LONG time to have been in one year group. Most heads wouldn't allow that, as teachers become 'stuck' and don't get the experience they need with different ages.

Reception is sometimes different in that regard, as reception teacher often have specific early years training. And if you've always had older children, you'd need extra training to fulfil the early years curriculum and assessment.

Often it's teachers themselves who ask to be moved, to gain experience. Or if you've been in Yr 6 that long with the pressure of SATS every year, you'll probably be feeling the stress and ask for a change. I would, anyway.

BackforGood Sat 26-Sep-20 00:08:18

Another face palm here.

I'm also an advocate of staff moving round every two to three years though.

Myothercarisalsoshit Sat 26-Sep-20 00:09:16

Ugh! So you just want a bit of tittle tattle then about someone you don't like? Heads up - Good teachers are needed throughout the Primary phase because guess what? By Year 6 it's too late! Everyone needs to do their bit. Year 3 is a very challenging year and it's a big jump from KS1 to KS2 so yes, you absolutely do need excellent teachers there.
Demotion? Would that make you happy OP?

Bridecilla Sat 26-Sep-20 00:11:58

Imagine that Bob works in Tesco stacking the crisps and sweets aisles. Bob then gets moved to the salad dressing aisle. Would you consider that a demotion

earthyfire Sat 26-Sep-20 00:25:13

My child in year 6 currently has a NQT teacher.

earthyfire Sat 26-Sep-20 00:29:00

My child in year 6 currently has a NQT teacher - so I really don't think the most experienced or "best" teachers only teach year 6! I've seen many of the teachers at my children's school move around year groups. There are a couple of teachers who always stay within the juniors though switching between year 5 and 6 - perhaps that is their preference.

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