Hawkhurst, Kent nearby primary schools (not private)

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Noculturehere Sat 19-Sep-20 17:50:18

Hi there
Am scoping the area out and visiting schools. I know it’s not all about Ofsted, but I’m looking for primary schools around Hawkhurst (within a reasonable drive - Tunbridge Wells would be too far) that are decent and on the up and, crucially, in catchment to apply for for next next year. Private options are great in the area of course but want to explore the normal route properly. Anyone with any real knowledge?

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nancyclancy123 Tue 29-Sep-20 08:18:32

Hawkhurst primary school?

Noculturehere Tue 29-Sep-20 13:04:27

Funnily enough I did think of that, and even went there for a tour, but as you need to put three schools on the form, I believe, I thought it would be good to hear local general opinion on other schools close by. I suppose it’s a small area so not a lot of people on here will know. Thanks for your input @nancyclancy123 !

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