Son is missing his 1st day of school and I've got mum guilt

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Watford1990 Fri 11-Sep-20 08:11:20

I know it can't be helped his got a sickness bug but I've got mum guilt and feel upset for him . His 1st full day at school and he will be missing all the fun.
His transition period into school will have been 2 mornings that's all. I just hope he can go back on Monday sad ..... i really need something to get rid of mum guilt as i get it a lot!

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yellowmaoampinball Fri 11-Sep-20 08:13:32

Well unless you deliberately fed him raw chicken or something you have no need to feel guilty! One of mine missed the whole first week due to chicken pox. I was gutted for her but actually it made no difference and she settled in well. It was all forgotten about quite quickly. I hope your lad recovers quickly and has a great start to school life when he makes it in.

ShakeaHettyFeather Fri 11-Sep-20 08:31:58

He'll still have a first day of school, just on a different day!

Lots of schools start a few kids each day (more come along once places are freed, too) so it's hardly unusual to start after some others. After two days no-one will know he started later.

BendingSpoons Sat 12-Sep-20 07:44:09

The first couple of weeks will be pretty much the same. They'll be doing lots of playing and settling, as some kids take a while. Missing a day or two won't really matter. Monday or Tuesday can be his first day. At DD's school they start them over 1.5 weeks so they all genuinely have different first days and it doesn't seem to matter. Plus he has done half days so I'd count that as first day anyway!

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