Sompting Abbott's prep near Worthing?

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Ditdatdilemma Sun 06-Sep-20 18:38:29

Anyone have children at Sompting Abbott's near Worthing? Or know anything, good or bad about the school please? Anything and everything gratefully received! Big thanks in advance.

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Ditdatdilemma Mon 07-Sep-20 11:45:05


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SueMagoo3609 Wed 09-Sep-20 12:09:34

Hi @Ditdatdilemma, Yes I have 2 children there - they've been there since age 2 and now in Year 4. Amazing school - family-run - small classes (average 15) - very good academically (they get good scholarship results) but nurture all children and are strong on art, drama and music etc too. Mine are so happy there. The teachers are lovely - they get to know every kid very well. I know that one or two year groups are full and have a waiting list - the big grounds and outdoors are fantastic - they climb trees, build dens, go bird watching with teachers, do art outside, lots of outdoor education, and they do a great mix of sports. Big emphasis on manners and social skills - what I call 'old-fashioned courtesy'. If you have more questions just let me know. On their website there are video interviews with pupils (and parents on another web page) - I think they give a good sense of what it's like there: Oh and they were amazing during lockdown - which I think is a big test of a school - they had the online learning up and running very quickly - whole timetable was delivered with live Zoom classes - I didn't feel like my children missed out on any education over those horrid months!

SueMagoo3609 Wed 09-Sep-20 12:24:53

Parent reviews of Sompting Abbotts Prep School:

catfink99 Wed 09-Sep-20 12:36:00

Hi there.. my son has just joined & he & I both love it. Sport 3 x a week (outdoors), playing outside 3 x a day, small class sizes, lunch so good he wants seconds every day (& is given it), caring & focused teaching & staff. Plus a stunning environment in which to learn & just be. I’m a total fan!

MumArt Wed 09-Sep-20 12:37:44

hi there, I've just signed my daugher (she is 4yrs old). I was anxious and nervous - and the staff were very welcoming, the teachers are very nurturing and caring. The overwhelm for me (wasn't anything to do with the school) was just the start of a new routine and new school getting school uniform etc.
anyways after the first day - my daughter walked out asking if she can have a sleep over! she's been attending for over a week and absolutely loves it! They are given a wonderful lunch and when i walk away every morning I feel completely relaxed knowing i made the best decision for her. The classes are small, but for me that is great as they receive a lot of attention and support in their learning smile

Hollven Wed 09-Sep-20 12:49:36

Hi Ditdatdilemma,

My daughter has been at Sompting Abbotts since pre-prep, from Year 2 to now Year 6. What first struck us about the school was the setting, it's absolutely the kind of place you'd imagine in a storybook. The grounds are amazing and the building is quirky, just like the staff and the students. They expect the best of the students, but tailor it to their individual needs. It is a family run school, which you can feel in it's essence, as everyone feels a part and is respected. We've loved the school and found it supportive in every way. The children love it, and often it is a challenge to get them to come home, as they are playing and climbing trees, running through gardens.
If your child is sporty, academic, creative or a combination they will find their place and activities to enjoy.
We haven't found any other place quite like it, it really is special.


CWes123 Wed 09-Sep-20 12:57:23

My sons been at Sompting Abbotts since 2017 when he was 2. The school provided that wonderful damily feeling when we looked round and the ethos for outdoor play and learning was unparalleled in other local nurseries. They take 15and30 hours funding at nursery too which was a big help.
Since hes been at Sompting he now will eat fruit after picking apples and berries with the teachers in the orchard and he tells me how yummy the food is at school.
Hes August born and the school worked with us in transitioning him to reception last year at rate good for him. Hes kept up with he class and exceeded my expectations for learning which is totally attributed to the good teaching and small class sizes(max of 15 I believe only 12 in his year last year)
Theres no better feeling as a parent then knowing you picked the right school for your child and when my sons sad at the weekend as it's not a school day I know this is the place for him to be.

janeydv Wed 09-Sep-20 13:21:43

I have two boys at Sompting Abbotts and they both love it. The family atmosphere is lovely and the opportunity to be outside in and amazing grounds is just wonderful.
All the teachers are really helpful. They do take the 15 and 30 hour funding in nursery too which does help. The class sizes are small up to circa 15 which is also really great.
We are really happy with the school. smile

KellyHumphries Wed 09-Sep-20 13:22:16

Hi, I have two boys at Sompting. My eldest has just moved into the prep (year 3) and youngest has just gone into reception in the pre prep. They both love it there, everyday they are excited about going in and everyday I pick them up they are both full of tales of all the amazing things they have done and learnt! The teachers are all brilliant and just want to make sure your children are happy and fulfilling their potential. The grounds are breathtaking, the outdoor space is amazing and the buildings are quirky and beautiful. They love climbing trees and seeing the horses and picking fruit and vegetables from the gardens.

They both often come home and tell us they had two helpings of lunch because it was so yummy!
I also completely agree with the comments above regarding how good they were during lockdown, my eldest had a full timetable of zoom lessons which were put in place virtually straight away.

We loved the school when we viewed it because it was a family run, nurturing environment where we knew our children would be very happy.

If you have any questions feel free to message me. Xx

AK56 Wed 09-Sep-20 13:45:57

Hi, my son has been attending Sompting Abbotts for nearly 5 years now, since he was 2. He is happy and loves his school. I have full peace of mind knowing that he is well looked after; thriving physically, emotionally and academically. Great school!

FB1001 Wed 09-Sep-20 14:05:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Elaho Wed 09-Sep-20 14:10:13

My son has been at Sompting Abbotts for two years and he loves it. Great teaching, a nurturing environment and small class sizes mean that they get through a lot of work but also have time for proper play in the extensive grounds. The curriculum (NC+) is beautifully balanced and my son has developed a genuine love of learning. It's so hard choosing the right school (and as a teacher, I was really fussy!) but in my opinion Sompting Abbotts has it all.

NoArmaniNoPunani Wed 09-Sep-20 14:52:33

My 4 year old son has just moved up from the nursery to reception. The school have been really supportive. My son has settled in well and is really happy at the school

Latemum12 Wed 09-Sep-20 16:14:15

I have had three children attend Sompting Abbotts. Its a lovely school. My oldest started at the local state school and her stories led me to looking to go to an Independent school.
Sompting is small and from an academic point of view that's great because the teachers know your child really well. They know what they are capable of and can help them to reach their full potential.
They also don't have to do all the crowd control of large schools which means they don't get told off for nothing.
The grounds are idyllic and gives them so many opportunities. For example some schools would need to organise a school trip to do pond dipping whereas Sompting can just take them to the pond.
All children in the nursery and pre-prep get to go to the forest School at least once per week.
Main school children do lots of PE/games 3/4 times per week.
Also if you look at the amount of children that get scholarships in Year 8 then you know the system works!
Happy to answer any questions you may have.

Ditdatdilemma Sun 13-Sep-20 15:32:04

Thank you SO much everyone! Sorry, I assumed no one was going to reply and then got a flurry! Thank you, the school sounds idyllic. I'm thinking of it for my daughter, entering now or in year 3. She is very sensitive, very bright but socially struggles. It sounds like it could be a great fit for her. Is the school quite religious? We are firmly atheist and I wondered whether they simply follow Christian principles (fine) or whether the school is very much a Christian school..... thanks again!

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SueMagoo3609 Sun 13-Sep-20 17:16:15

Hi @Ditdatdilemma, I'm not very religious either - it is a Christian school but not overtly if you know what I mean - they say the Lord's Prayer in Assemblies and learn about the bible as well as other world religions/beliefs in RE - but I'd say it is more following the principles. It could well be a good school if your daughter is shy and sensitive as the class sizes are small and they make sure the shy ones are not left out and it has a very safe kind of family feeling in the school. I've appreciated the school fo its caring pastoral side - they are very good with childen with friendship issues. Hope that helps - best thing would be to visit it - you'll get a sense if it's right for your daughter then.

Chelii Thu 24-Sep-20 18:44:50

I moved my three children there last September from a state school and it is a beautiful school. Family run and family oriented.

The classroom sizes are small and the teachers are fantastic. We love the school and would definitely recommend it.

The grounds are idyllic and the children get full use of them in their extensive outdoor and sports curriculum. The academic side is much better too due to the small class sizes the teachers actually understand each child and their needs, areas of strength and areas that need improved upon and they work well with the children to achieve that.

My children are much happier and more settled here and if it would go all the way through to 6th form we would stay there until the end.

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