Pls: Any views on St Pauls Cathedral School/ St Anthony’s boys (Hampstead); Trevor Roberts or Norfolk House? Help!

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Ab08 Sat 05-Sep-20 13:44:21

Hi there, we are relocating to London and would love to hear any, positive or negative, views about these schools please. Head is exploding!

We have a 9 year old son and will look to move him during year 4 as soon as we have a place and have decided what to do. We will be moving house near-ish to the chosen school in North London.

My son is smart but lazy; I dont doubt he will do well with the right support and nurturing but wouldn’t thrive in a big, busy school or left on his own. We quite like that SPCS; St Anthonys and TR end at 13. We dont mind the fact that st Anthony’s is catholic as we understand its not overpowering? We are so far quite taken with SPCS.

Are there any parents with kids at those schools that could give us a view based on their experience? Do you rate the schools? Have they been good for your son/daughter? Is there much of a parent community going on?

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