Would you send your child back to a school you can't stand?

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CyanBee Fri 28-Aug-20 14:59:37

Hi all,
I'm looking for some advice. I know many of us are worried about our kids going back to school. But I am really torn, I can't stand my son's school. It's a long story but my 2 sons ended up at different schools cos my older son was bullied and moved- it was a great decision and he has just left yr6 very happy and achieved well. Now I'm faced with sending my youngest back into his school which I hate. It traumatized my older son and me. The second school fits our family values better and my son would get a better education and support there (he's a shy boy with mild dyslexia). Thing is he doesn't want to leave his friends..what would you do? Would you suck it up for the next 3 years or move him? Thanks for reading...

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Farlow Fri 28-Aug-20 15:07:43

If he’s happy there then I would just suck it up. Ultimately he is the one who has to spend 6 hours a day there so imo his feelings should come first.

SnuggyBuggy Fri 28-Aug-20 15:10:38

Him being happy there should take priority though I can understand you not liking the place.

WaitingGame20 Mon 31-Aug-20 10:25:25

Hi CyanBee,

I know exactly how you feel. Feel free to private message me to discuss what I have decided to do.

BKCRMP Mon 31-Aug-20 11:10:31

If he is happy and doesn't want to leave his friends then you would be moving him for yourself not for him

Witchend Mon 31-Aug-20 11:35:45

If he's happy, then I wouldn't move him.

Bullying can happen at any school, it's how they deal with it that differs.
You could find you move him to your preferred school and he's then bullied and they are just as rubbish at doing anything.

RedskyAtnight Mon 31-Aug-20 12:17:43

Not sure how to say this nicely but ... if it's not been sufficiently an issue for you to do anything about it in the last 6 months or more (is he on the waiting list for the school you like? Have you appealed - if he has another 3 years, he is Y4, so wouldn't be ICS? Have you looked at other schools in the area?) then it's not fair on your son to suddenly decide you are going to move him just before term starts. Send him back, and see how it goes before you write the school off.


Xiaoxiong Mon 31-Aug-20 17:29:32

I'd send him back, since I assume from what you write that your younger son is happy and not being bullied. I went to the same school as my brother for primary; I had a dud year group with tonnes of bullying and his was super close and supportive. It was the right school for him but not for me.

HJK4 Tue 01-Sep-20 19:16:29

In situations like these there is an option to home school. Did your kids enjoy it during lockdown? Is it possible? School is not compulsory. I did it for 16 years, best decision I ever made.

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