Notting Hill parents - Norland v Wetherby

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stealthbanana Thu 27-Aug-20 18:08:17

Hi all - any parents with experience of either/both of these schools? Looking at them for DS who has confirmed places at both for entry 2021. We’ve paid the Wetherby deposit and have just been emailed about the Norland tour - will obv not pay that if we like Wetherby better.

By way of background - DS is moderately bright, outgoing, and, erm, a toddler....! I also have DD who is 18 months younger which is one of the reasons we’re considering Norland as they could be together.

Any thoughts/experiences most welcome!

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stealthbanana Wed 02-Sep-20 13:01:58

Hopeful bump...

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NCcareerorbaby Sun 27-Sep-20 20:02:44

OP I have lots of friends with kids at Norland. It strikes me as a sleepy kind of school. Pleasant, kind, nice. Probably not one if your kids are academically advanced/ likely to try to go to one of the big London public schools.

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