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Looking for feedback on Liphook Prep Schools please!

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Bellseybub Tue 25-Aug-20 23:15:00

smileWe are looking for any local knowledge on the best independent schools to liphook. We are very interested in hearing about Brookham & Highfield but also hear good things about Churchers and Amesbury. If we have missed a trick and there are other great comparable schools nearby we would love to hear.

My DD is Yr 2 and currently at a SW London prep. I also have another Bubbly DD going in to reception in a years time. Schools with great leavers school choice for senior school are really important so would be great to hear of local experience. Huge thank you! smile

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GU24Mum Wed 26-Aug-20 00:13:19

Churchers has a senior school so won't prepare for Y6 exams as much as a true prep will.

The people we knew at Highfield were all boarders (two of them army) and all went on to boarding secondaries.

Amesbury I'd say has a more typical leavers' list of various local(ish) day schools and local/further afield boarding schools.

mellowgreenspring Wed 26-Aug-20 00:18:11

Have you see ditcham Park? Or is that a bit far from your search area? Is comparable with churchers price wise, but ditcham is less academically driven and more rounded. So suits the quieter children, still gets the results just a different approach. Lots of children go from ditcham to churchers for a levels.

mellowgreenspring Wed 26-Aug-20 00:19:24

Sorry you also have Alton, lord wansworrh and frensham potentially in reach 👍

Bellseybub Wed 26-Aug-20 06:11:26

Thanks - is that recent pupils or do you think the school has changed since then smile

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Bellseybub Wed 26-Aug-20 06:14:34

Thank you 😊 my elder DD is quite sporty and very bubbly. She is good at computing but needs some extra maths support to grasp basic numbers concepts (I gather this isn’t entitled unusual for a 6 yr old).

We did consider further away schools but wanted to limit journeys within 8 miles if possible unless the schools were really exceptional

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mellowgreenspring Wed 26-Aug-20 07:39:29

Recent pupils, the ethos is "where every child is know and valued" and the class sizes are small, the teachers genuinely know each individual. My son struggled with maths, they have learning support and he just passed his gcse which was a big relief.

Bellseybub Wed 26-Aug-20 10:52:22

Thank you - that’s great to know!

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Radoy Fri 13-Nov-20 20:24:05

Our youngest left Highfield a few years ago and as we drove out we both had a real lump in our throat. Academically rigorous, but it has a real core of caring and compassion. I loved the teachers and it has a great headmaster in Phillip Evitt. We were at Brookham before Highfield and it was a great experience, too. Both are wonderful schools and I'm so glad we chose them. I miss being there!

Bellseybub Sun 15-Nov-20 15:23:41

Thank you! That is really assuring to know. We want them to have a wonderful all rounded experience! smile

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