Reception 2020/21

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JayDot500 Mon 17-Aug-20 12:37:30

Hello smile

I've looked around and cannot find a thread for Reception Starters for this academic year. Please point me to one if there is!

My son is January born, good at counting and maths, but terrible with phonics and the alphabet. He can spell his name and recognise some words.
I'm not really worried about his development, he's quite confident, loves books and asks the right sort of questions about life and the world. He'll

Covid is putting a dampner on what would have been an exciting time for many parents. DH is vulnerable and we've been back and forth with how we'll manage everything. It's all still up in the air really, but I've ordered uniform and I've got my fingers crossed that we can feel reassured by the school.

How are you all handling the impending start to your DC's academic lives? flowersbrew

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Themostwonderfultimeoftheyear Mon 17-Aug-20 15:13:54


My DS is starting too and is February born. He has no interest in siting down and writing so can't do his name yet but I'm not worried as he is bright and he will learn to sit down and practice it in time. He loves maths.

We have all his uniform now apart from his shoes and plimsolls. I can't believe how much they need, spare wellies and a coat to be kept in school, PE kit, book bag etc. Also no school dinners so needed to get a lunchbox.

Eccle80 Mon 17-Aug-20 17:34:09

My youngest is starting, February birthday. Not bad with numbers, not great with writing, can just a little do his name with some prompting. He is under speech and language due to some issues with pronunciation

It feels weird this time round as he hasn’t done all the inductions that my older ones did, and I am a bit sad he isn’t getting a normal starting school experience

JayDot500 Mon 17-Aug-20 20:27:18

Hello @Themostwonderfultimeoftheyear and @Eccle80 smile

Yes the list of things to get for him shocked my mum, who had already bought DS a cute school bag that's absolutely not allowed blush My son had gone through 6 pairs of joggers before schools shut, so I need sturdy ones that I fear do not exist lol.

Always happy to see children receiving support that they may need *@Eccle80*, I hope it's helping him. It's very sad that our children must start school in this way, but after all the GCSE and A level chaos this week, I think I prefer this end of things!

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BGirlBouillabaisse Mon 17-Aug-20 20:32:09

DS2 is just 4 (May) so he's starting in September.

Everything you've mentioned is normal. The reception teacher will be expecting a huge variety of experience and attainment. No child is at a disadvantage, most children will make progress in their social skills and reading this year. It's just about getting used to school.

DS1 had a tough reception year, despite being a fluent reader when he started. He's just been diagnosed with ASD (Asperger's) and I think he probably found it all a bit of a sensory onslaught.

Good luck to all new starters! star

Eccle80 Mon 17-Aug-20 22:32:32

Thanks @JayDot500
I’ve been impressed with speech therapy in lockdown, he was referred in February, so by the time he got through the waiting list there was no face to face, but the therapist spoke to me on the phone, got me to film him going through some pictures she sent so she could assess him then sent me some activities to do with him to support him. He should now pass to the allocated school speech therapist, and be on the SEN register so he gets support in school, which was the main thing for me. My eldest had the same and I know really benefitted from having one to one sessions with a TA in reception.

You are right that this is the better end of school to be in during current circumstances! He at least isn’t aware of what will be different to usual and what he has missed out on

Sandytoes86 Mon 17-Aug-20 23:00:38

Hi Ds1 is April born and starting in September. He’s been referred for speech therapy (for pronunciation) but I’ve not heard anything since January. He’s very timid and I worry so much about him being in a class of 30 and getting overlooked. He’s not made any friends yet due to his communication difficulties. He knows his phonics and numbers but isn’t keen on writing. The school have said hot dinners are on which he’s excited about, no bags except for one small drawstring bag.


JayDot500 Tue 18-Aug-20 14:21:51

@Sandytoes86 do you think referrals have been affected due to Covid? My son has finally had his dermatology appointment after months, so I'd do some chasing if you haven't already! Teachers can be very helpful with shy kids, it's best to have a word with the teacher of possible, and leave the rest to school. Of course, if nothing happens, then this is where hopefully other mums can help you with practical advice smile

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Sandytoes86 Tue 18-Aug-20 19:38:16

Thanks @JayDot500 yes I will chase that up I did assume the delay was due to Covid .
I wish the school allowed joggers , my son hates the school trousers! I also brought a lovely backpack that I then found out wasn’t allowed!
It is a shame our little ones have to start in this way but yes agree that they know no different and it will still be exciting for them.

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