Which is best?

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KangarooLady Sun 09-Aug-20 12:00:28

Hi, we are looking to move to Clare or one of the three Belchamps on the suffolk-essex border and we have 3 dc still in primary school and one in secondary. Would you send your children to Clare primary school or belchamp primary school? TIA

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JoJoSM2 Sun 09-Aug-20 21:23:42


Have you had a look on there? It’s very useful for stats.

RedskyAtnight Mon 10-Aug-20 08:21:02

I'd suggest reposting with the area or school names in the title and you're more likely to attract someone who's actually heard of the schools!

KangarooLady Mon 10-Aug-20 13:08:15

JoJo-That is a very helpful website! Thanks
RedskyAtnight-I will try there too.

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