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Tips please from experienced PTA members

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admylin Sun 30-Sep-07 20:03:56

I've already joined or more like been voted in to be a member of the PTA. I'm in Germany so it is going to be hard work to do everything and get my point over in German but I'm going to have a go!
First problem is the teacher of the class I'm representing, does not do communication so how do I go about getting a list of parents contact details? Any tips? She has been asked over the past year but never responded. The system is a bit different here and I never see more than a couple of the parents as dc all get collected at different times and don't see any in the mornings either.
Tomorrow is the first big meeting so do you always write a report and pass on to the other parents to let them know what went on?

Peachy Sun 30-Sep-07 20:06:58

Are they allowed to hand out contact deatils? here they couldn't. Can you give her a clipboard, or leave one by the class, so parents can add their own?

No, we don't all do a report- I do minutes (MUST do tomorrow- note to self LOL) which have to be approved, then we go through the action points to see waht's been done, and what not. That's the Secreatries job (moi).

admylin Sun 30-Sep-07 20:10:36

Oh, that's good to know. If they work that way and there is a secretary I could get her/his notes and pass any info on to the parents. (Would also save me a few hours of German gramar correction). I suppose I could add my name and contact number so if any of the parents want to contact me they can. Seems a bit passive somehow and I'm all motivated toogrin

lilolilmanchester Mon 01-Oct-07 10:45:32

If you wrote a friendly letter and made a copy for each child, would the teacher hand out a copy to each child to give to their parents? Include in the letter why the PTA is important, the sorts of things you are doing, what help you need from them, perhaps ask them if they have any suggestions for events etc. If you're happy to do so, give your email/phone contact details. Might not work, but even one repsonse would be helpful.

admylin Mon 01-Oct-07 11:49:01

lilolilmanchester , I think I will do that and I can get my ds to hand them round when he goes in the morning. Seems as if that's the only way to go about it. I know one class did an out of school get together to get to know each other (they booked a few tables in a bar) but the class I'm in wouldn't go for that from what I've seen over the past year or so.
I'll do my best anyway smile

bossybritches Mon 01-Oct-07 12:34:38

When the minutes are agreed you should get a copy, & a copy should be made available for parents to read. We put ours on a PTA board we have where we also display details of forthcoming events etc.

Good luck!

admylin Mon 01-Oct-07 12:37:06

Yes, that is one thing that I miss in our school. There isn't even a board for general stuff. Some classes have one outside the classroom but not all. Bet they haven't got enough money to put one next thread, ideas for fund raising!

bossybritches Mon 01-Oct-07 12:59:29

Could you persuade the PTA to have one central PTA board?

loads of ideas for fundraisng been doing it far to long!! Totally shameless about begging for money, me!!

(for someone else )

admylin Tue 02-Oct-07 09:02:24

Well, went to the first meeting last night but had to leave early so don't yet know if I've been allocated a 'job' as tehy were going to vote but I had the dc with me as dh was doing overtime. Didn't understand everything either (all in German) so it is going to be hard work but will see how it goes.

Butkin Tue 02-Oct-07 12:14:58

We get a booklet with the names, numbers and addresses of all the kids parents in each class - parents can opt out of this scheme if they wish but very few do.

We get a monthly newletter which details things like sports match dates, sports results, opening times of school shop, changes of staff etc. There is a special feature on PTA fundraiswer like discos, plays, music nights, bbqs etc.

We also get a commercial newsletter each term which is advertising for parents by parents and the money raised goes to the PTA.

admylin Tue 02-Oct-07 14:15:22

Sounds as if your school is very much the organized, well run place I've always dreamt of!!
Really though, it sounds so good, that is the sort of thing that keeps parents happy. At the meeting last night there were only complaints about little tom not knowing if he could join the drumming club and if there was a dance club for little jess - but we couldn't get past the hurdle of who is going to organize it, who pays for it and who makes sure all the dc get there from their respective class rooms let alone inform all the parents about it.

bossybritches Tue 02-Oct-07 17:27:46

I have to say admylin I do admire you for getting stuck in when you're not a fluent German speaker! It's a nightmare following these meetings a the best of times let alone in another language!! Good for you!

admylin Tue 02-Oct-07 18:57:10

Yes, was it bravery or stupidity! That is what i am now asking myself but anyway I am not the only one who had a few of those staring into space moments at the meeting as it's a normal German primary but with a paralel Portugese/German primary so I did notice a couple of Portugese/Brazilian parents there who also tried to smile and nod alot like me.

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