disappointing end of year report for year 5 DC in state primary

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montlieu Wed 22-Jul-20 21:56:19

My daughter's year 5 report was extremely short this year, about two paragraphs on things that she has been done in class in maths and English, and things like attitude in general and to learning. shock
absolutely nothing on progress/attainment, nothing about any of the other subjects (history/Geo/PE/art/music ...) no mention of the school clubs she was part of for two terms. angry
Her school has managed to run their normal baseline assessments both in October and March as per previous years, so I find the format adopted this year disappointing. the report in itself is glowing ! but it is rather useless, we will be applying to schools as part of 11+ transfer and it is normally quite an important piece of information to have,
I wonder if anyone else is in the same situation ? the other local state schools have actually issued more standard accurate reports, based on the data they had rather than the piece of literature we have received !

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VashtaNerada Wed 22-Jul-20 22:01:58

What is it you need to know? Whether she’s working towards / expected / greater depth for each subject? They presumably can’t give an accurate end of year assessment as they haven’t seen her in person. They should be able to tell you where she was in March though.
We didn’t have to submit school reports for 11+. Is that a local thing? Or did you mean you want to know where she is to decide whether or not to put her forward?

SandieCheeks Wed 22-Jul-20 22:05:29

If they haven't seen her since March, then what else are they going to do?

If you want data from assessments in March for school applications, then just request that confused

PathOfLeastResitance Thu 23-Jul-20 08:19:24

Just speak to the school about it.
Considering the school haven’t been operating in the usual way since March, it was never going to be the usual format. Data from March isn’t considered recent enough to be useful at this point in the year but I’m sure the school will let you have it if you need it. Also consider that all children will be in the same position regarding assessment data and the 11+ will need to consider that.

Hercwasonaroll Thu 23-Jul-20 08:22:36

Surely the 11+ results speak for themselves?!

What do you expect them to say? Information from March isn't overly relevant now. All that tells you is what she was like in March, things could be very different now. Does it really matter that it doesn't mention the school club?

Jigglypuff2 Thu 23-Jul-20 09:00:14

OP may be in area that allows for head teacher reviews for year 5 reports can be relevant.

OP ask for the actual results.

Definitely get the assessment results. School reports are pretty limited even during normal times.

xolotltezcatlopoca Thu 23-Jul-20 09:07:41

How can they make an accurate assessment of the child's progress during lockdown? And also they maybe very busy getting school ready for Sept rather than conjuring up a report from thin air.


GU24Mum Thu 23-Jul-20 09:49:48

I don't see why you couldn't have been told where she was in March or at least based on where she was then, where they would otherwise have expected her to be by the end of year. Everyone knows things are hugely different but that would be something fairly straightforward for the school to tell you - eg she was "working towards" / "at" etc and that we think the ordinarily she would probably / easily have reached the relevant goals.

WoWsers16 Thu 23-Jul-20 11:05:54

Progress and attainment, as well as assessments did not need to be reported. Lets be honest they can't be as teachers do not know where your child would be at the end of the year- they could guess by saying 'they were on track for.. ' when left in march but this wasn't needed.
A lot of school reports were short this year and different from previous years and rightly so.
If all you have to worry about is this then really in the grand scheme of things it's a little issue.
Any thing that may be needed with 11+ I'm sure your school will provide (however surely that's only if your child fails and needs to appeal?) I don't actually think it's an important piece of information for the actual transfer.
Talking about the clubs your child did for the first 2 terms probably didn't cross their minds!

cansu Tue 28-Jul-20 11:33:11

Schools cannot magic up information about a child when they haven't seen them for a significant period of time.
It may well be that the teacher couldn't recall which clubs your child attended. I had to send out an email to my class asking them to fill in a mini sheet saying which clubs they had gone to regularly. In any case as a parent, you only have to ask your child which clubs they have been to to find this out.
I think you are being ridiculous. They have given you info on maths and English alongside attitude to learning. You are complaining for the sake of complaining in my opinion.

Margo34 Tue 28-Jul-20 14:28:22

Gov expectation on school reports was adapted because of CV19 and the major disruption to education for half the year. You are being unreasonable.


"DfE has laid regulations to remove the requirement to report the outcomes of key stages 1 and 2 tests or teacher assessments in this year’s reports. These regulations also remove the requirement to include comparative information about the attainment of pupils of the same age in the school, or nationally, for this year’s reports."
"Schools should take a proportionate approach in deciding what information to include within their pupils’ reports."

Ask the school if you want to discuss your DCs report.

3109NewName Tue 28-Jul-20 19:56:31

I am jealous you received a report. I have received absolutely no report since October.

montlieu Tue 28-Jul-20 21:14:28

Hello ! yes exactly I would like to know where she was in March, which is something the other local state schools around us have managed to produce, just based on data collected, not expecting any guessing at all !
we have applied for independent schools before for her other DC and all schools have asked to have a copy of their last school reports, including clubs.
we are south west London/Battersea/Wandsworth
@cansu such a lovely and helpful message, it's touching. but we pay our state school directly for the clubs, which have registers, so there is no expectation that our teacher will know any of it. Clubs are actually relevant, if only in the context of the next teacher to get to know your child, moving to another school...
@WoWsers16 yes you are probably right, but they normally set out any special provisions, additional languages, clubs
@margo34 thank you for the details and link, it seems we got sort of the minimum. I did ask our teacher who said the decision not to include other details has been made by SLT, and anyway that teacher is leaving the school, but has indeed been inundated by questions around the issue
@3109NewName I am sorry, please see above !!!
@GU24Mum yes thank you !
@xolotltezcatlopoca yes but the post is related to the period right before lockdown

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cansu Tue 28-Jul-20 21:34:02

I am sorry to be so dim but given you pay for the clubs are you unaware which clubs your child attends? I suppose you could always ask your child if you can't remember.

cansu Tue 28-Jul-20 21:53:15

It is also obvious that you are not particularly concerned about your dd progress. You want a more detailed report in order to gain a place at an independent school that will prioritise children who have a list of extracurricular and music clubs on their report.

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