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avcinlondon Fri 17-Jul-20 11:45:34

Hi there, first time poster here - looking to move my just turned 3y old DS from a private nursery to one of the local state schools. Moreland and Prior Weston have been mentioned to me and both have Good Ofsted but are undersubscribed. I'd be looking to move my 14m old DD as well to keep them together as they are very attached but also out of convenience for pick up/drop off. Question is - any concerns? All of our friends in their peer group are remaining in various private nurseries but given DS is young for his age, I'm keen to transition him and get a jumpstart on developing more independence. TIA!

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AuntieDolly Fri 17-Jul-20 12:55:43

Will they take her that young? 2YO seems to be the norm for a state school.

avcinlondon Fri 17-Jul-20 12:58:49

@AuntieDolly - yes, their nursery has a spot for my DD. They'll be in separate rooms and pick up and drop off are together.

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