In year applications, when do we find out?

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Twentypasttwelve Thu 09-Jul-20 11:12:34

Thanks everyone

I've tried calling the Borough council but it's just an answerphone message and then cuts me off

I've emailed them twice now.

I think I'm just going to hang tight and wait it out. Like PP said, I'm going to keep him in his, current school so that he's still in the system. I guess he will have to be offered a place on the new Borough, even if its not one of my top choices,

Thanks all x

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gabster33 Wed 08-Jul-20 23:22:36

Try and find the office email address - they may respond better to that - I know ours is answering the phone again.

gabster33 Wed 08-Jul-20 23:21:40

What area are you in. In my sons Lambeth school his class is going to be 25 next year unless anyone new joins - there are spaces around.

Schooplq Wed 08-Jul-20 13:17:21

Ah sorry I just saw you’ve been calling with no response!

I have been emailing the department directly and getting very fast replies. You may not want to say which borough? But the one I have been contacting is Haringey so - on the very small off chance you are trying to speak to the same one - let me know if you’d like a contact and I will dm it!

admission Wed 08-Jul-20 12:52:40

The only major problem of removing your child from the school's register as suggested by others is that this then removes the legal responsibility on the new LA to find child a place at a suitable school if you are registered as home-schooling.
Nobody is going to fine you for non-attendance this side of the summer break, so it is in your best interest to do nothing about current school but keep pushing new LA for information on a new school. In the significant time span from now till September, the new LA must be able to come up with a school place, even if it is not at the schools that you prefer and at least is some level of progress.

Schooplq Wed 08-Jul-20 12:17:28

I was just going to suggest homeschooling also - they’ve been off for so long that I doubt it’d make much difference at this point?

My local council have been really responsive on email and over the phone. Give them a call?

I was able to find out about waiting lists and the number of kids on each one and distance etc.

Lockdownfatigue Wed 08-Jul-20 08:43:53

Just write a letter / email to the old school removing him from the register. That’s literally all you have to do.


Twentypasttwelve Wed 08-Jul-20 08:41:20

Really good point bendingspoons. I don't know. I'm going to ring around today to find out.

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BendingSpoons Tue 07-Jul-20 21:30:26

You can leave the current school without a new place and homeschool temporarily. Do you know if any of the schools you applied to had spaces? Some LAs are quite slow and also might be fairly busy sorting out those starting Reception. I'd keep trying them and the local schools, as if you find one has a space you can prompt the LA to act.

Twentypasttwelve Tue 07-Jul-20 19:20:33

He's been off for so long now I don't suppose another few weeks would matter in the grand scheme of things...

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Aroundtheworldin80moves Tue 07-Jul-20 18:49:38

My DDs didn't attend school while waiting for new places... Their old school was in Germany and had closed down in July.

Twentypasttwelve Tue 07-Jul-20 18:33:57


So potentially there will be an overlap where he should be attending his school miles away. And I will be fined.

My husband thinks I could take him out of school altogether and home school until we hear from the local schools. That sounds drastic, but at least we wouldn't be getting fined?? Any advice on this?

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Aroundtheworldin80moves Tue 07-Jul-20 18:02:44

Depends on area... But unfortunately there is often no progress on applications during the summer holidays.
When we moved last year, one DD started at new school 2 weeks into September. The other one started at half term (after appeal).

Twentypasttwelve Tue 07-Jul-20 17:59:38

Last week I applied for my ds to attend one of our local schools (long story but since lockdown our circumstances have changed and we moved). He will be entering into year 3 in sept.

I applied through the local Borough website, all good.

I can't seem to find out when we will know the results of the applications, does anyone know? I've tried ringing and emailing Borough Council and also each individual school, but no joy.

I'm getting a bit anxious as the school he is at now is miles away and we'd have to travel 2 hours on the tube every day. I wouldn't usually mind but what with Covid etc. His school have said they are reopening in Sept and any child who doesn't attend will be fined.

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