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user1490025201 Sat 04-Jul-20 11:09:03


We are looking to Marlow in the next 2 months (rent initially). My eldest is 3, so we will be applying for primary schools at the end of this year - so want to to make sure we pick somewhere in a relevant catchment.

I have looked in to all the school, read all the ofted reports, and details I can find on the schools. I would usually go visit the schools and go by my gut of what I felt would suit my son and us - however clearly given the current climate this isn't possible. And having spoken with most of the schools - it is likely there will only be offering virtual tours this year (for 2021 applicants).

Has anyone out there got recent experience of the primary schools. Possibly a similar situation - so have visited a lot of the primary schools?

We are not religious - so not sure of the CoE school (though it is outstanding and looks lovely) - so was thinking possibly more on Spinfield of Danesfield.

Advice from any Marlow parents much appreciated.


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Delatron Sun 05-Jul-20 19:54:03

Hi. I have children at the Holy Trinity CofE school. We’re not religious either but the feeder school went in to this one and it does have an outstanding Ofsted (though this is about 10 years old!). It’s been fine but I do hear wonderful things about Danesfield...

Spinfield used to be the school everyone wanted their children to go to. I’m not sure what it’s like currently. It must be very hard not being able to go and look around.

Either of those three schools would be a good outcome but if I had my time again I would have sent mine to Danesfield.

Delatron Sun 05-Jul-20 19:56:07

Sandygate which feeds in to Holy Trinity is a very good school. Mine went to Little Marlow as we were out of catchment. Most people aren’t religious they just send their kids there because it’s a very good school!

user1490025201 Mon 06-Jul-20 10:30:22

Thanks Delaton! Good insight. Yes - it's a bit of a pickle when you can't view yourself and get a feel for the place - as that's always the dealbreaker. Really appreciate your comments - super helpful.

I feel I may be veering a little to Danesfield. As we are looking to be relatively in town/nearish the high street (which we seem to be able to do for all 3 catchments as long as we are on the correct side of the road etc). I'm just trying to work out whether we can commit to always having to do a car pick-up/drop off - which we'd need for Danesfield, whereas Spinfield and Sandygate could be a short walk from home, so possibly easier for kids (I have 3) having local friends / playdates etc.

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Delatron Mon 06-Jul-20 12:27:41

Yes that was the one thing that put me off Danesfield, the drive! It’s only a few minutes but not walkable from town.

They are all really good schools so you can’t really go wrong. Good luck!

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