Advice on Teddington Primary schools

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Newteddymum Wed 01-Jul-20 07:51:01

Hi there,

I am wondering can anyone give me any insight into what Sacred Heart Primary School and Hampton Wick Infant school are like in Teddington? We are soon moving to this area and am trying to decide between the two for my DD, who will be starting reception in September. I like the sound of Hampton Wick infant school but am unsure/ know little about John the baptist. I see Hampton wick gets a great Ofsted rating but am aware that is 10 years old now.

Any insight into the difference between the two, apart from one being Catholic, would be greatly appreciated.

I understand that Collis is the most desirable school in the area- any info on this would be great also. With lockdown, I am unable to go and see these schools and our circumstances changed after applications were due.

Thanks so much for any help with the above.

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