Papplewick vs Lambrook vs Summerfields

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Fulhammum6197 Sun 28-Jun-20 00:08:26

We are approaching 8+ next year for my son and debating between the above schools. The end goal is for a boarding school at 13 like Eton/Winchester etc.

Currently have the below opinions - any help appreciated
1) Lambrook - it is the only co ed school I have warmed to. But not sure if I am being wowed by the facilities and not the academics. Also keep hearing negative reviews about the parents?!

2) Papplewick - the school is non selective at entry which would mean less stress. The school also seems to have a great academic record but not sure if they just focus on the high achievers?

3) Summerfield - My main hesitation would be the fact my son would need to weekly board straight away (unlike the other 2 where he could start off taking the bus back to London). Not sure if the entry would be far too difficult and how many boys apply. Could Papplewick do the same job academically?

4) Kings College Wimbledon - should I scrap the idea of the above schools and boarding at 13 as KCW is just amazing?

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reefedsail Sun 28-Jun-20 13:11:40

If you definitely want your DS to board at Prep I would go with Papplewick. It's easier to board if everybody is doing it. If you are not sure he will want to board at Prep and are happy for it to be his choice (preferable, I would say?), go with Lambrook.

I think it's much easier to start boarding at a school you already know and love, so personally I would go with one where you can start day and shift into boarding.

We never intended for our DS to board at all, we live literally outside the school gates. However, he loves the school and begged to board so he could have more time with his friends. He is in Y5 now and sleeps in once a week. We'll let him increase that in Y7 if he wants to.

Fulhammum6197 Sun 28-Jun-20 18:35:37

@reefedsail thanks for replying. How has your son found the school? did you consider any others? does Papplewick step up and support the boys when they aren't good at a specific subject? do the parents get to know each other even though it is boarding?

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reefedsail Sun 28-Jun-20 19:00:22

My son doesn't go to any of them. We lived in the area for a long time and I looked at them all before he started school, but we decided to move out to the West Country instead.

I believe that social and emotional well-being comes first and if that is right the academics take care of themselves. I'd not push my DS to get into a school he couldn't gain entry to comfortably under his own steam. Part of the reason we moved away is because I don't like the academic anxiety in that area.

Fulhammum6197 Sun 28-Jun-20 19:40:30

Thank you @reefedsail it is funny you say that as we are looking at these schools purely for that reason as the London day school is so competitive and at this age especially I want him to look back at school and remember how fun it was - and not that it was that terrible place that I felt pressure.

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reefedsail Sun 28-Jun-20 19:40:59

I did intend to send him to Lambrook btw, and had him signed up. However, at the time it was only just rising in popularity and wasn't quite so brassy.

reefedsail Sun 28-Jun-20 19:43:40

Agreed, a pressure cooker is no place to grow up, unless you are in the very small sub-group of children who actually thrive on that.


Fulhammum6197 Tue 30-Jun-20 20:26:28

Thank you @reefedsail I think I might just not bother with Lambrook as your right it is better to start off with a school that is boarding. Appreciate your feedback

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