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Firsttimer101 Tue 09-Jun-20 20:40:30

Hi, we applied for my sons primary place for this September and got his first choice which is great but in the meantime we have moved house. Was on the cards but not agreed so we applied near our old home which is 3 miles or so away. I’ve submitted a late application for the new local school and been rejected so I’ve appealed on the basis we have moved house are now only 0.3 miles from the new school. They have 3 classes per year group and the letter says they have given 75 Places out so are full but can all schools not take 30 per class as a maximum? I’ve appealed but don’t know if I have any chance really and would be really interested in your similar experiences. Thank you

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Aroundtheworldin80moves Tue 09-Jun-20 20:49:03

With 75, it's likely they have a mixed year group class- you will need to clarify this to work out if it is an Infant Class Size appeal of not. ( So they could have 3 Reception Classes, but 5 classes across Yr1& 2- this would mean they can't take more unless a mistake has made. If there however is 3 classes in each Reception, Yr1 and Yr2, they can take more and not be over the legal class size).

Just moving house isn't reason enough to win an appeal, especially on short distance moves. You need to prove why this is the most suitable school.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Tue 09-Jun-20 20:50:56

Just to add, when I moved house last year, the Council saidthat they needed to find us school places within 5 miles. Anything more than 2, they would provide transport. Their school is 1.95 miles away.

Firsttimer101 Tue 09-Jun-20 21:01:08

Yes I’m thinking I need a better argument but I’m not sure what kind of thing is favoured. I’m gutted he will have to go so far to school, we moved to a new estate so he had the potential of some friends nearby and now it looks like he will be going to a different school to them unfortunately. Kicking myself that The house move didn’t fall earlier but just one of those things I suppose.

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admission Tue 09-Jun-20 21:03:39

You need to check whether the published admission number (PAN) for the school is 75 or is 90. Either way any appeal is likely to be an infant class size appeal, so will be very difficult to win.
You should be able to find the PAN from either the admission information on the school website or the LA admission information.
If the PAN is 75, then they will normally be running 3 classes in reception year of 25 and then 5 classes of 30 split across year 1 and 2. Whilst the classes in reception are only of 25, it is the fact that they are running 5 classes of 30 in year 1 and 2 that makes it an infant class size appeal.

Have you got your name down on the waiting list? If you are only 0.3 miles from the preferred school then you probably will be near the top of the waiting list and with 75 per year group there could well be some movement in availability of places.

HoneyWheeler Tue 09-Jun-20 21:05:15

In my experience appeals are rarely successful, but what I will say (teacher) is that there is an awful lot of movement in September/October and quite often in year places come up. It continues to surprise me how many changes are made but I should expect it now!!

Firsttimer101 Tue 09-Jun-20 21:22:10

Thank you for your comments, I’ll call the team at the council and see if they can tell me where we are on the waiting list and hope there is some movement. As you say with a group of 75 hopefully there will be some changes. Ive checked their admissions criteria online and it just says they offer a maximum of 75 and max size is 30. It’s a neighbour who told me they have 3 classes per year group. We shall see and keep fingers crossed

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prh47bridge Tue 09-Jun-20 21:23:58

I agree with admission that this is likely to be an infant class size appeal. If it is, you would need to show that a mistake has been made that has cost your son a place. That is unlikely for an in-year application.

However, if the school has a PAN of 75 and operates 3 classes per year in Reception, Y1 and Y2 you will have a much better chance. In that situation you can win by showing that the disadvantage to your son through not being admitted outweighs any problems the school will face through having to cope with an additional pupil. The fact you've moved and live near the school won't carry any weight, nor will arguments about transport or childcare difficulties. You need to look for things this school offers that are missing from the allocated school and are particularly relevant to your son.

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