Terra Nova prep in cheshire? Other prep school recommendations?

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greekyogurtaddict Fri 05-Jun-20 17:05:13

Can anybody give me an idea about how academic Terra Nova is versus Lady Barn House or Withington
Juniors, etc? I am looking for an academic prep with a broad curriculum which encourages self confidence etc. For anyone who knows Terra Nova school, how much emphasis is there on boarding and will they still prepare her for very competative 11+ entry school? 11+ at some schools (i.e Withington, or the state grammars) may be more academically competative than common entrance to some boarding schools so I wonder if the children are prepared for the most academic schools, boarding or day? Dd is still too young to determine where she might go for secondary, we haven't ruled out boarding at least on a weekly basis but that will depend on her temperament and preference. I'm not sure there is an academic advantage rather than just a lifestyle difference with regards to boarding i.e between the likes of Wycombe Abbey (boarding, buckinghamshire) or Withington Girls (day school) as both do very well, so I'm staying open minded. We might find we prefer a completely different sort of secondary school for her down the line. Another concern is the possibility of moving to London at some point which would mean she needs to be prepared for very competative entry for an in year place at London prep schools, again it seems safer to go for a prep that is academically on par with the best London preps in terms of curriculum pace etc for this reason. We do not live near a state primary school I am especially happy with, eldest Dd did not have a good state experience but has SEN. Dd2 is very bright with no apparant SEN and I see a good prep more as insurance that will give her more options than the state comprehensive, although that is an option if she does indeed turn out to be naturally very bright and motivated and doesn't need any extra pushing.

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Monkeymonstermum Mon 08-Jun-20 13:35:09

Are you in Trafford?
I know of someone who moved from Hale Prep to Terra Nova precisely because it was less academic (although supposed to be lovely environment).

Ladybarn and Terra Nova are a long way from each other...with traffic in normal times especially.

If you’re more Cheshire countryside way how about the Grange? Or if more Stockport way Ladybarn is supposed to be amazing.

Captainj1 Mon 08-Jun-20 23:03:59

My kids go to The Ryleys in Alderley Edge which I’m very happy with. Broad range of extra curricular activities and definitely confidence building and approach specific to the child. There’s also Wilmslow Prep, Pownhall Hall...lots of options, you ideally need to look around, they all have strong records getting children into the secondaries of their choice. As the poster above says, traffic and proximity also a consideration as the traffic can be a nightmare if you’re coming from particular directions.

bombaychef Tue 09-Jun-20 07:30:11

Depends where you live and how far you want to commute

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