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Help! dd won't stay in classroom! (reception) What can I do?

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ellasmum1 Fri 21-Sep-07 19:12:13

dd's reception teacher took dh aside today and told him they are having problems with dd.She said dd keeps sneaking out of classroom to the gym hall or the next classroom(also a reception class). The only two friends she knew before starting school are in the other class so maybe that has something to do with it. Dd also told me she wished she was in the other teachers class the other day. Not sure what her teacher expects me to be able to do about all this! What would you do? How can I stop her when I'm not there?

NAB3 Fri 21-Sep-07 19:19:40

Why wasn't she put in the class with her friends? At our school they want to know the pre-school, etc your child went to so they can try and match the children with their friends.

The teacher should be in charge and be able to keep your child safely in the right class room. I am not sure what she is expecting you to do about it other than talk to your DD as you aren't there at school.

haychee Fri 21-Sep-07 19:34:53

Its the teachers responsibility to know what the children are up to and where they are "sneaking" off to!
I wonder if the teacher IS actually expecting or asking you to do something about it, as it was your dh who was confronted about it, maybe she was just telling him rather than asking him to do something about it??
All you can do is talk to her about it, about positives, about so and so who she sat next to today, about who she likes and dislikes in her own class and explain that it is not allowed to be going out of her own classroom. I guess she gets to see her old friends at playtime?

haychee Fri 21-Sep-07 19:35:56

My dd2 was mixed up from her friends from playschool. There are a few familiar faces in her class but not the ones she played with alot before.

hippipotami Fri 21-Sep-07 19:36:30

This is definately one for the teachers to sort out! Surely they are stimulating her / keeping her busy so she has no time to sneak out?
Surely they are helping her get to know her classmates so she feels happy in her class, thereby eliminating her wish to be in the other class?

dustystar Fri 21-Sep-07 19:38:38

Are you sure the teacher expected you to sort it out? She may just have been letting you know about the situation. It seems strange that she would expect you to put a stop to it if you're not there. It may help if you have a chat with dd about why she's doing it though.

FranSanDisco Fri 21-Sep-07 19:41:24

My ds was split from his 2 friends. However the 2 Reception classes do get time to play together during class and breaks so he's happy. The classrooms are open plan and he could wander off if the teacher had her back turned though. I would just speak to your dd about how she needs to stay in her class so the Teacher knows where she is. Have you asked your dd why she is leaving the class?

muppetgirl Fri 21-Sep-07 19:42:14

When you next see her just say 'Thanks for letting us know about dd and her 'sneaking.' Can we have a chat about some of the strategies you have in place to help her settle?'

Also -has anyone asked her why she sneaks out in the first place? may be surprised by her answer!

ellasmum1 Fri 21-Sep-07 20:05:36

Thankyou so much for your replies- I just wish it hadn't bee friday(I'm still at work at the moment!) because I'll be worrying about this until monday now! I'll definately be having a chat with dd about why she is doing it.But like some of you say I think its the teacher who needs to be firm- dd will be testing the boundaries at new school surely?

NAB3 Mon 24-Sep-07 17:34:16

Have you spoken to the teacher?

ellasmum1 Thu 27-Sep-07 22:26:58

Hi, thank goodness it seems to be sorted! I met with teacher and dd mon am. dd gave teacher a hug and said sorry, and teacher and I told dd how we both want to be happy and proud of her. Apparently it cannot be the "friends in other class" reason as the door between the two is open all day apart from first and last thing. I hadn't realized this. This week she has been great- teacher has told me each day. I have been praising dd loads for staying in the classroom, and had also told her if she did this all week we could make fairy cakes friday afternoon (she loves this).So far so good!
Thanks so much for the words of support when i needed it- hope this thread may help someone with a similar problem someday x

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