What is the education provision for rec3ption and year one children in your child’s school from June 1?

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MGMidget Sun 24-May-20 16:08:19

I am interested to find out how my Dd’s school compares to others in what they will be offering to reception and year one children from the return date after June 1. We have been offered bubbles of 15 with an ‘adult’ supervising (probably a teaching assistant) whilst they follow the remote schooling provision on a tablet. Obviously some of this is necessary to meet goverment requirements, so they must stay within the same bubble all day and not mix with other bubbles which I am happy with. However, I am concerned about the idea of 15 of them following online/video lessons with one ‘adult’ supervising and doubtful this will enable much learning to take place. Is this what other schools are doing? It feels to me like nothing more than childcare to free up the parents to work (like the keyworker provision in many schools over the past few weeks). I thought the intention was to get young children back in the classroom because they needed the teaching as well as the socialisation or are they just supposed to be getting socialisation?

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SueEllenMishke Sun 24-May-20 16:12:49

It's childcare. That's all it can be.
We've been told it's highly unlikely that reception will be back before September as they just can't accommodate year 6, 1 and reception.

wtftodo Sun 24-May-20 16:14:23

Ours is taking them back in groups of max 15, slightly reduced hours and staggered start/end times for each of the returning year groups. If more than 15 from each class return they will switch to alternate weeks. They’ve said they will be following a reduced curriculum, focusing on maths/English jn the morning and whole-school pshe in the afternoons, focusing on staying physically and mentally safe at the moment. And transitioning children ahead of next year group. We don’t have details of teachers yet.

Friends at other schools have been variously told:

- no nursery at all till September
- some year 1 may be invited to return for a few days from 22nd June
- no school at all for any children, it won’t reopen till October
- no return for year 1 until September
- no reception or year 1, only year 6
- no year 6, only the youngest
- reception from 8th June, year 1 from 15th, year 6 from 22nd

It varies wildly.

ghislaine Sun 24-May-20 16:15:24

Half the children are going back to have full learning with a teacher and a TA, and the other half are staying at home to ‘access learning online’. The HT says that because of safety concerns this is the best solution. I have to disagree.

wtftodo Sun 24-May-20 16:15:37

Oh and another school said year R and 1 but only 2 days a week from mid June

And yet another said they’ll have reception back but no other years.

Fedup21 Sun 24-May-20 16:16:48

It’s childcare. We don’t have enough staff for anything else.

We have groups of ten EYFS in at a time but no Year 1 at all.

Patchworksack Sun 24-May-20 16:24:51

My Y1 has been offered a place in a bubble of 15 for 4 days a week from June 8th. They have said as they are expected to take other year groups provision will have to drop to 2 days a week. They will be taught but not necessarily their own teacher. Home Learning material will be provided for the fifth day and for any children not attending. The closure day is midweek for the school to be deep cleaned and for the teacher to check in with the children not attending. My concern is what happens longer term and the impossibility of working when school is so part time. I really hope that at least both my children are offered the same days. The wrap around arrangements are not running currently except for keyworkers and are off-site, they used to travel on a minibus which is clearly not going to be possible. My older son also has to get a crowded bus to secondary, although they are not even contemplating a return until September.


2tired2bewitty Sun 24-May-20 16:24:53

Only reception and year one from June 1, very small groups of up to 9 (the most they think they can accommodate per classroom), and only Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday.

No details yet on what/how they will be taught or when anyone else might be back.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Sun 24-May-20 16:34:44

Reception, Yr1 and Yr6 returning on the Tuesday of that week, no more than 15 in a group, full timet spaces available for any family who wants one.

Keyworker children still accommodated.

No plan yet for Yrs2-5.. No idea where they can put them anyway! And the home learning isn't exactly extensive... (20 minutes of maths each day, reading, an English exercise for the week, plus one other subject of around 30minutes for the week, nothing to be submitted to the school, no other contact.)

cabbageking Sun 24-May-20 16:58:32

Bubbles of 10 with a teacher and TA per group and SEND support from Senco. It is teaching and lessons without some subjects like cooking. No year 6 return. We can't accommodate them.
They wear their own clothes so no problems with wearing someone else's cardi. No bags or personal items. Staggered start and end. One adult collection / drop off at set times only, on designated spots on playground.
Children have free run of playground and field at break but not any climbing frames. Dinner lady per class.
Key workers continue with the same staff and do not join their class as they times are longer. Breakfast club for key workers only. No after school provision. All but one child returning so far. Ed P on phone along.
Weekly risk assessment review and update for staff and Governors.

One week Reception start and then year 1 join the next week. It isn't child care. We will be assessing gaps and following the same lesson p!and per year. Washing hands on entry and throughout day. Regular group trip to toilet. Fire evacuation first day as the children are different classrooms than normal. Staggered lunch when staff will take a break.

Forest schools and PE in their own clothes daily.

alwaysraining123 Sun 24-May-20 20:56:30

Children of reception, year one and year six can return five days a week all day from the first day of term. One ‘bubble’ for each year due to low children numbers to begin with. We feel lucky to have such a comprehensive offer that we can take up if we wish.

alwaysraining123 Sun 24-May-20 21:00:57

Teaching curriculum. Staggered arrivals, departures. Relaxed uniform - no ties for example. No hot meals - all packed lunches in a disposable bag. Nothing sent home. Lots of hand washing.

toinfinityandlockdown Sun 24-May-20 21:40:05

2 days a week from 8th June in a bubble

toinfinityandlockdown Sun 24-May-20 21:43:03

I'm assuming this is so it's sustainable when other years go back

DeanImpala67 Sun 24-May-20 21:56:25

Bubbles of 10 or less (small
classrooms limit the numbers), in for 1 day out of every 4, will have a limited curriculum with a focus on wellbeing to start with, staggered start and finish times, no school uniform, cannot take anything in bar a water bottle and coat, segregated play areas with limited equipment, soft furnishings out of classrooms, a tray per child with their resources in not to be shared. R, Y1, and Y6 offered places. Key worker children in a seperate bubble not with their year group.

tiredanddangerous Sun 24-May-20 21:58:57

Dds primary have made it clear there won’t be any teaching. It’s childcare to enable parents to return to work.

TheLastSaola Sun 24-May-20 21:59:44

Five days a week, full days.

Teacher and two assistants per 15 person bubble.

Full and normal teaching.

Changes are staggered pick ups/drop offs. Lunch is packed lunch in classroom. Soft toys/dress up removed.

Outdoor Play areas will be used on rotation with cleaning between use.

We've got 90% of reception kids going back.

purpleme12 Sun 24-May-20 22:06:49

For year one -
In bubbles of less than 12.
Social distancing
Still teaching but more focus on wellbeing at the minute and not teaching like usual

Epigram Sun 24-May-20 22:12:51

Our local primary school is doing:
- year 6 part time from 1 June (two bubbles each doing half a week)
- years R and 1 ditto from 8 June

It's definitely going to be teaching, not just supervision / childcare.

Aragog Sun 24-May-20 22:17:04

My school has invited reception back, plus key stage 1 KW/vulnerable children. We're an infant school and don't have the physical room space for year 1. It will be from 8 June and for 4.5 days a week (closed Friday for PPA and cleaning time.)

The children will return to class sizes of 15. Each group will have a classroom allocated to them with two members of staff, ideally a teacher and a TA. Each group is also being allocated a section of the playground to use during the day. Where possible children will be placed with at least one known friend, and their sibling where applicable. Ideally they will have a member of staff they used to have - either their teacher or their ta, but this may not always be possible.

Soft furnishing and difficult to clean toys/resources will be removed but not displays and cleanable items. Each child will have their own pot of pencils, crayons, glue stick etc.

There will be a staggered start and end of day. Parents won't be allowed into school.

Staff won't be wearing masks generally though can choose to do so if they feel the need. Within the group there won't be social distancing as such though staff may keep their distance compared to in the past. However they will comfort children and tend to accidents, etc.

There won't be set playtime's etc but each class will be able to use their outside area as and when they want, either as a group or in smaller groups within their bubble.

Children will be offered a cold 'grab bag' lunch or can bring in their own lunch from home. Nothing else can be bright in including toys and bags.

Children don't have to wear uniform but should wear clean clothes every day.

There won't be breakfast club, and the after school club (external company but usually onsite) won't be back either.

We will do our best to make the return as nice as possible for the children, but will be following the restrictions and guidance to keep them, the staff and parents as safe as possible.

Aragog Sun 24-May-20 22:19:27

Regarding the learning - reception children at school will follow the same English, maths and phonics as those doing home learning. Suggestions of the craft and other activities done in school will be posted online where applicable.

Key stage 1 will continue to have home learning activities as now. Depending on staffing restraints for those in school it may be less personalised, less teacher made videos though.

NewShoesRub Sun 24-May-20 22:28:30

Foundation and keyworker kids returning at my child's infant school. They can't fit anyone else in.

Full time, no wrap around, each bubble is with a teacher.

I have assumed it would be teaching - why wouldn't it be? Surely makes sense to help these few kids now & lessen the catch up need for next year?

penguinsbegin Sun 24-May-20 22:39:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

purpleme12 Sun 24-May-20 23:25:07

Are you all sending yours in? I'm desperate for some normality. I never knew how much I'd miss school
Her dad thinks she shouldn't go back now though

Aquicknamechange2019 Mon 25-May-20 06:35:16

Our school has refused to re-open.

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