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Moving to Hove

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ruthet Sat 23-May-20 14:24:04

I'm a single mum with a 6.5 yo and a 2yo. We currently live in London but I'm thinking I want somewhere with more of a supportive, community vibe to it and near the sea.

I've been trying to research hove area but finding it challenging to work out what's what with schools and different vibes in different areas.

So, does anyone have recommendations for areas which would be well connected (no car), nice primary and secondary, and a nice community vibe? My kids are mixed race so a diverse population would be great.

I have considered round portslade and further out westdene.....I couldn't really work out what good schools were near portslade and how close id need to live for them. Westdene sounds a nice school but again not sure how close id need to be. I also quite liked the idea of the bilingual school.... Does anyone have thoughts on that? Is mild oak or hill park schools any good? What about brackenbury and benfield? I don't want religious or private schools at all.

Any thoughts or advice much appreciated. I'd probably rent to start but one big concern is getting eldest into a school mid year so not sure how that would work.

Alternatively what is Worthing like.... Does that have a nice family vibe and good primaries and secondaries and should I just go out that way so I can get more for my money housing wise?

Thanks for any advice!

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