Y2 Remote learning. How much work?

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Boogiewoogietoo Mon 11-May-20 23:05:34

Y2 DS. His work this week is essentially Mathseeds, Reading Eggs, drawing pictures, a couple of fun challenges (who in class can throw tennis ball furthest) and writing a daily diary. Work is sent to teacher but not marked or corrected and comments are ‘that’s great’.

I know it’s exceptional times, but I’m worried that he isn’t really learning anything.

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Boogiewoogietoo Mon 11-May-20 23:06:35

Sorry - should ask if this is similar to your Y2 DCs?

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DisorganisedOrganiser Tue 12-May-20 07:32:23

That sounds loads to me. In fact, I would think it is far too much. I certainly don’t expect work to be marked - teachers have enough to do right now. My year 2 has a one piece of work (English or Maths) they are meant to complete daily then an optional menu of tasks. I think this is far too much and the daily piece of work takes ages for them to complete anyway. The school also linked to educational websites and to Bitesize. They also set a load of ‘fun’ activities which are totally impractical for parents trying to work or look after other children.

If you want more work there is a huge huge amount online. Bitesize, Oak academy. If you don’t want online you can print stuff from Twinkl. If you want purely paper based then there are workbooks from Amazon. Educational programmes, the list is endless.

NightOwl19 Tue 12-May-20 07:34:11

My year 2 DC school sent 3 pieces of paper out with 3 weeks worth of work on and we haven't heard a single thing since.

Boogiewoogietoo Tue 12-May-20 07:43:57

Thanks so much for responding. It may sound like loads but my DS finished his weekly work in 2 hours yesterday (other than the daily diary)!

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Aroundtheworldin80moves Tue 12-May-20 07:44:26

My Yr2s work home this week...

White Rose maths daily
Make an animal fact file (supposed to be on her class animal, but I've compromised with her on doing her favourite animal, which is the other Yr2 class animal)
Finding continents and oceans on a map, looking at different animals on different continents
Reading daily

furtivefeline Tue 12-May-20 07:47:26

Mine has a full curriculum. Zoom registration daily, zoom assembly weekly. Normally 3 core subjects per day (some taught live on zoom) each with a worksheet/project/written piece to complete, plus additional music, cooking, art, games which is a prerecorded lesson or short video. Weekly spelling test on zoom.

Work is submitted and marked daily with house points awarded.

School are doing a wonderful job but I work part time and am exhausted trying to keep up! I’m sure the teachers are exhausted too.


GhostsToMonsoon Tue 12-May-20 07:54:53

Our school uses BGFL. The Year 2 teacher uploads work on a Sunday. There is a Powerpoint for maths and literacy, and some short videos for each day explaining the subject matter. In Maths they have been learning about telling the time, the days of week and months of the year, and money. It's really up to us how much work to do as the school doesn't seem to have strict instructions about specific pieces of work that must be completed.

There are lots of assignments the children can do, such as writing a first person diary, and endless worksheets they can complete. They are expected to go on Spelling Shed regularly and to keep up their mental maths using NumberGym or Hit the Button. If we upload some work the teachers soon comment on it, and they have phoned us a couple of times.

DisorganisedOrganiser Tue 12-May-20 13:13:34

Well I would say 2 hours compulsory work a week is sensible shock. That means half hour quality work a day so allows realistic time for years, tantrums, distractions. You also have the daily diary which will be like pulling teeth to get some DC to do.

What if people have toddlers, newborns, older relatives, trying to work etc? Parents are drowning here. Surely if you want him to do more you can log him on to the 1000s of online resources available?

DisorganisedOrganiser Tue 12-May-20 13:14:11

I meant tears but it does take years to get my DC to do anything in the first place hmm.

DominaShantotto Tue 12-May-20 13:16:18

We get nothing much from school. So mine does about 30 mins of Maths and 30 mins of English a day that I plan for, and then about 10 minutes reading (school have an online reading scheme). Oh and "run around the house vaguely claiming to be doing PE with Joe"

Quartz2208 Tue 12-May-20 13:22:36

We have a powerpoint 4 days a week (Wednesday is wellbeing Wednesday where it is a family based task, one week was cooking together, last week was a family quiz).

The powerpoint will have maths (20 mins) a different topic each week building as the week goes on. This week is time so yesterday was hour and half hour, today was quarter to/past.

A writing task which again builds. One day may be a plan with the next writing or this week is letters so yesterday was any today is formal.

A reading - which tends to be an extract (with link to it being read by the author on youtube) and some questions. Then a powerpoint asking questions based on a picture from the book.

Then spelling/handwriting/vocab task which varies.

a topic bit.

Then finally reflection.

Its around an hour to an hour and half per day

PogoBob Tue 12-May-20 13:56:42

My yr 2 has:

* daily reading,
* a set of words to learn for a weekly virtual spelling test on a Friday,
* daily maths activity (currently focusing on 2D and 3D shapes, 2/3/5/10 time tables, numbers bonds to 10 and 20),
* weekly maths 'test' using Big Maths learn its
* online maths activities on Active Learn which they can do as often as they want
* weekly online comprehension activities using Giglets
* also working through a document called the Magical Teaching Box which is available online if you google it - it's the story of Pandora's box with activities at various points.

Also have school wide weekly family project that siblings can do together.

Yurona Thu 14-May-20 17:20:36

- daily reading
- daily spelling
- 30 min english
- 30 min maths
- 2 times 30 minutes of an additional core subject (french, history, ...)
- 3 times 30 minutes of extras (more french, art, biology, creative writing etc)

Rhayader Mon 18-May-20 20:38:47

My yr2 gets daily:

Arithmetic sheet
Maths workbook phonics exercise (we skip this as DD is a free reader)
English exercise (creative writing, descriptive writing etc) which follows the theme

One other thing each day which could be:

A humanities exercise (for example compare buildings in Ancient Rome to modern cities now)
PHSE exercise
RE exercise (it’s a voluntary aided school)
Science experiment and write up

I also ask her to read a chapter of a book and some non fiction (she prefers non fiction so will read this anyway) and music instrument practice.

When I was still working (from home) it was impossible to get through all of this but I’m on mat leave now so it’s more manageable.

fruitpastille Mon 18-May-20 20:58:09

Year 1 here. Daily...
Maths (often white rose but not always)
Writing (this week a different activity each day based on a book that they were sent a video of)
Reading - own book plus online simple comprehension
Phonics suggested activities (we usually don't bother with these much)
Also history and art activities.
We probably spend about 20 ish mins on each thing and break it up over the day.

There is a list of extra online games if you want as well. Also a story read by the teacher and some photos that parents send in to share on the class page. It's up to us how much we do. If we send a message to the teacher with attached work we always get a nice reply. My year 6 gets similar but obviously tasks are suited to age so they take longer.

FairfaxHigh Mon 18-May-20 21:16:02

We have work every day via Class DoJo. For Year 2 this involves:-
-recorded video message from the teacher to the whole class each morning explaining the work for the day
-quick maths quiz
- Bugclub book each day
-Daily maths worksheets
-Daily spellings
-Daily comprehension based on a short text
- English - task varies but eg write a story based on a clip, plan a story, grammar worksheets (just one of these a day)
-Sometimes Purple Purple Mash spelling/other game based on the days' learning
-Music and PE teachers set fun tasks in their own videos which they can have a go at
-video of TA reading a story sometimes with optional question to think about/discuss
-Topic web with ideas for history/geography/science/art etc to try a different each afternoon if you want

Sounds like absolutely tons written down but really isn't bad at all. Each task is quite small, easy to fit breaks in between, really good explanations from the teachers and am managing to work at home while supervising as lots of scope for getting on with things relatively independently. Can't fault the school tbf.

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