North Kingston state schools vs independents?

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Chilver Mon 11-May-20 12:17:45

Hi, does anyone have any experience of switching from state to independent in KS2 in North Kingston?

Our DC has had a tough year before Covid-19 hit with a class change resulting in massive disruption (teacher said they were falling behind Ntl curriculum due to the disruption of 11 kids in the class) and bullying. We have spent the lockdown period thus far bringing our child back up to speed (had been exceeding in all areas leaving KS1) and trying to extend learning in other ways and stimulate an interest in learning again.

We had already been discussing switching to private to mitigate the issues as this class will not change now until secondary and we can't see it improving. We could afford it, although hadn't wanted to consider independent until secondary, if at all. Until this year, we had loved the state school and it is definitely more convenient location wise.

Should we switch now? Worried independent a) won't be better and/ or b) could go under leaving us with no state place anymore.

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