Unhappy about primary schools re opening

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Bitterglitter Sun 03-May-20 08:07:48

Is anyone else unhappy about primary schools being re opened as part of the lockdown easing measures?

I keep thinking about the kids who have underlying health conditions that aren't yet diagnosed.

My DS1 (5) was diagnosed with a benign heart murmur in feb this year. It was only picked up because he has a lot of follow up Paediatric appointments because he was premature. I don't even know if it's an issue as far as covid19 goes. But what about all the kids out there with undiagnosed asthma, diabetes etc?

Primary age kids can't and won't maintain social distance. And they will act as super spreaders too. Doesn't matter how well their parents maintain distance if all these kids are mixing it up in schools.

It just seems crazy when so many parents can continue working from home. Am I being hysterical?

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GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Sun 03-May-20 08:10:11

Ds-register and home school him then? That’s always been your choice.

BrooHaHa Sun 03-May-20 08:10:48

No, you're not being hysterical. It's a risk. Unfortunately though, at some point the economy has to come first. We don't know yet when the schools will open, so don't worry too much about it for now.

byebyebeautiful Sun 03-May-20 08:12:08

Are they reopening though? Here in Scotland they're not opening before the summer hols, what's going on in England?

SpudsAreLife84 Sun 03-May-20 08:13:12

It just seems crazy when so many parents can continue working from home Actually, the vast majority can't do this, hence being furloughed or, like me and millions of others, still going to work. If there are no schools and nurseries for small children to go to, people can't get back to work. Those furloughed will only receive pay for so long, the money won't be there forever. People still in jobs could risk losing them if the company they work for goes under from lack of productivity.

I get why you worry,,but statistically children are much more likely to come through covid-19 fit and well. Last I read, only something like 20 children under 9 had been into hospital for any treatment. I will be sending mine back, not only for work but also because they are suffering right now, they aren't coping at all and socialisation and the security the school routine brings them far outweighs any risk of the virus for us personally.

Frenchcroissant Sun 03-May-20 08:13:48

Apparently they are opening 1st of June...

Rainbowcolours1 Sun 03-May-20 08:14:28

I'm a head. As yet we have received NO need rmation on how and when schools will open. The media is being totally irresponsible and causing a great deal of additional anxiety.


weepingwillow22 Sun 03-May-20 08:15:16

I think it is reasonable to look at reopening them as they are essential to getting the economy going again but attendance needs to be voluntary so people can make their own decisions regarding risk.

Sux2buthen Sun 03-May-20 08:16:40

Ignore comments like the first one.
None of this situation has been your choice. The not being allowed to think of kids at the moment on this site is pathetic. Load of miss trunchbulls on here, they must be based on the way they loathe hearing feelings of kids and worried parents.
I'm worried too, there's a lot of unknowns.

Drivingdownthe101 Sun 03-May-20 08:16:49

A reopening date actually hasn’t been confirmed though has it? Or have you got access Boris’ document on easing lockdown restrictions? Interested in where this information has come from as the primary school I am chair of governors at hasn’t got the memo!
Anyway you’re not unreasonable to feel how you feel. As a PP says, you can deregister and home school if you prefer. If, when the time comes for them to go back (whenever that is) I don’t believe it to be safe, I will deregister mine.

BrooHaHa Sun 03-May-20 08:17:31

Apparently they are opening 1st of June...

I thought that was just an unsubstantiated claim made by a newspaper headline (though the article itself was full of 'if's and 'when's)?

Hotcuppatea Sun 03-May-20 08:18:26

I think everyone is going to need to start remembering that life is inherently risky and they are going to have to live with it, just like they did before COVID19.

KatherineJaneway Sun 03-May-20 08:18:52

No date has yet been announced but they will reopen sooner or later.

The virus is already here. A lot of us will get infected.

Drivingdownthe101 Sun 03-May-20 08:19:10

I can think of very few parents in my children’s classes who will be able to work from home long term though. Most have been furloughed so I guess if they’re made redundant they’ll be able to stay home with their children. I work freelance from home so am fine to continue homeschooling but a lot of the parents I know won’t get paid if they don’t go out to work.

SoupDragon Sun 03-May-20 08:19:51

Ignore comments like the first one.

Why? It is completely accurate. A parent has always had the choice not to send their child to school but to homeschool them instead. If you don't want (or need) to send your child back to school, you can de-register them and homeschool them.

SoupDragon Sun 03-May-20 08:20:44

Load of miss trunchbulls on here, they must be based on the way they loathe hearing feelings of kids and worried parents.

Are you reading a different thread?

BrooHaHa Sun 03-May-20 08:25:52

I'm expecting quite a few kids not to come back to the school I teach at. The majority have stay at home mums and I daresay a few of them will have concerns.

I do doubt the June 1st start date though. How on Earth would we all get social distancing measures devised and then put in place for the schools in less than a month? And what will they do for the classes where the rooms are simply too small to distance kids? Or will they just not bother with social distancing at all for the children (and therefore their teachers)?

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Sun 03-May-20 08:28:29

Ignore comments like the first one.

Why ignore my comment? It’s true and reasonable should the OP feel it necessary for her child. I will do what’s best for my children also, we all will. And the government s job it to try and get it right for everybody! That’s an incredibly difficult job and there will ALWAYS be people unhappy with the choice they make, hence there are individual decisions you can make for your own family, my first suggestion being one of them.

kirinm Sun 03-May-20 08:30:36

When will anyone be happy to have their kids back to school? People are being furloughed at the moment. Once the furlough scheme ends, that'll be redundancies. Will that be the time people finally see sense in kids going back to school ?

OnlyJudyCanJudgeMe Sun 03-May-20 08:31:01

No one knows when the schools are re-opening. People need to stop believing everything they read online or in the papers UNTIL it comes from Downing Street.

DodgyTrousers Sun 03-May-20 08:31:29

It's all heresay, particularly from the media.

Unless it's announced, officially, by the Government then I take all such rumours with a pinch of salt.

bluestarsatnightfall Sun 03-May-20 08:32:52

No one knows when the schools are opening. Stop believing everything you read in the media!

Incrediblytired Sun 03-May-20 08:33:17

Nothing’s been confirmed. I wouldn’t be surprised if they say that parents who can work from home can keep their children home.

I’m sick of hearing people say that this illness doesn’t really affect children. It doesn’t but if they give it to their parents and their parents die...

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Sun 03-May-20 08:33:26

The not being allowed to think of kids at the moment on this site is pathetic

And I am thinking of my kids! I’m thinking if my son who can no longer take his GCSEs, my younger one who may just not go back to her current school and have to transition to her new school in Sept with no preparation. I’m thinking of my dyslexic child who is desperate for the assistance of his one to one.

Don’t tell me I’m not thinking of my kids! You mean I’m not thinking of YOUR kids? That’s your job.

Delta1 Sun 03-May-20 08:35:16

Completely agree with georgie and soupdragon. You cannot hold primary school places until there's a vaccine. If you don't want them to go before then, you must de register and home school them until you are ready to reapply.

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