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KittenVsBox Tue 28-Apr-20 16:54:23

What level of achievement are the (maths) lessons aimed at in the Primary videos? So, for example, to be accessible to 90% of kids? Average achievement?

And is the speed, and level of repetition, approximately the same as in a face to face lesson? Or is it skewed by not having kids to get real time feedback from.

Thank you.

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SoloMummy Tue 28-Apr-20 18:49:29

I think that of the lessons I have watched they're about the pitch that a teacher would make and the pace likewise, though the length is variable.
They're great as standalone if the parent is working, but to get the best out of them, as a parent I expect to be involved, extend the learning and pause to provide additional opportunities to develop the skills.

Remember though, if your child is particularly gifted or had additional needs, you may need to stretch or support more or even consider year above or below or alternative such as BBC lessons.

I supplement with material I already have and some additional that I purchased.

KittenVsBox Wed 29-Apr-20 08:02:53

Thank you.

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SoloMummy Wed 29-Apr-20 09:23:01


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