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local library book track where to next

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lexcat Sat 15-Sep-07 19:18:36

As anyboby got child who has done the book track and finished. DD has just finished reading her 100 books and asked if she could start again and get 200 books.
Much to my surprise they said no, dd is not pleased.
What next as book track has really helped her to enjoy books for herself and I am feeling with out that she has no reason to read other then school books. That would be a shame for dd who has really just start to become a bookworm.

roisin Sat 15-Sep-07 19:30:20

I've never heard of book track. What is it?

How old is your dd? If she has read 100 books, then hopefully she has learned to read books simply for themselves and for enjoyment, and doesn't need "a reason to read".

But if you want something to motivate her, why not get her a nice notebook for her to note down the books/authors she has read and a 5* rating. (If she is older she could write a mini review if she wants.) Then you could offer some sort of prize as a recognition of her achievement when she has read 50 books, or whatever.

SueW Sat 15-Sep-07 19:32:38

Not heard of either but DD's school does something similar. DD has read all the books on their scheme and the only option now is to read new books and do the questions herself to help build the scheme for other children coming through.

niceglasses Sat 15-Sep-07 19:39:20

Might be worth looking at Seven Stories (Centre for the Childrens Book)web site here in Newcastle (just Google it, know it has a site)

It encourages all things reading-wise and may have something. I know that they recently ran something on all Carnigie medal winners (sort of like the Booker for childrens books). Maybe she could work her way through them??

Depends on her age I suppose. Sounds like she is doing fab.

lexcat Sat 15-Sep-07 19:53:34

Book track is something they do in all our local librarys A child has to be 6 to start and they have to read 100 books. They read a max of 4 at a time take them back to the library and tell a librarian about them. They get badges on the way 10,25,50,75 books.
dd is now 6.6 and just start to read longer books because of the motivation book track gave her. She is a freereader and will read any picturer book or under about 60 pages. She will still judge a book by the number of pages or the amount of text per page.

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