What time will the email arrive?

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howlongisitnow Thu 16-Apr-20 19:10:22


Any idea what time I’ll get the email? It’s Enfield.


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BillyAndTheSillies Thu 16-Apr-20 19:11:20

Did you use eadmissions to apply? I'm not in Enfield but I am in another London borough. I've still got no email but my offer showed on eadmissions at 5pm. Worth a check.

Seria Thu 16-Apr-20 19:49:44

No email here either. Checked the eadmissions and offer at 5pm

meditrina Thu 16-Apr-20 19:53:02

All London boroughs and Surrey are part of the pan-London system. Results go live on the website at 5pm, so you can log in and see yourballication there.

They start sending out the emails then. But there are so many to be sent it can take several hours before all are done.

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