Still waiting (admissions)

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Poetryinaction Thu 16-Apr-20 17:28:35

I didn't apply online, it wouldn't work. So I applied on paper. I am now waiting to hear in the post, but no post came today! I phoned the admissions line but they said I just have to wait.
Anyone else?

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Coldilox Thu 16-Apr-20 17:36:01

I had this last year, I had to apply on paper as I delayed my summerborn starting reception by a year. I rang up my first choice school on the day to see if he was on their list and he was! I didn’t get my letter for a couple of days.

Poetryinaction Thu 16-Apr-20 17:39:51

Thanks. I thought if that, but when admissions said they weren't allowed to tell me, I assumed the school wouldn't either. I'll ring them tomorrow.

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mangomama91 Thu 16-Apr-20 18:02:32

When I applied they said that if you apply through paper/post then you will get it back through the post which will be received after the emails. I assume they post them out today so could be tomorrow/Saturday

Coldilox Thu 16-Apr-20 18:11:42

Admissions said they couldn’t tell me, but the school was happy to. Give them a call.

Poetryinaction Thu 16-Apr-20 18:43:45

Thanks. They said they were posted Tues and expected them to arrive today.

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