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Bellesavage Mon 13-Apr-20 09:46:13

Can you recommend some white and above banded books for a soon to turn 5yo girl? She seems to prefer books with girls as the lead but is obviously only 4 at the moment so some of the books for white/lime bands are aimed at older kids so go over her head a bit in terms of content.

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Dinosforall Mon 13-Apr-20 10:48:31

Some of the ORT All Stars books might suit her? They are written specifically for able readers so the content is for younger children than most white/lime books.

I've also seen a lot of recommendations on here for the rainbow magic books. The level sounds about right but your DD might be put off by the volume of words (DS finds this because of the reading age/maturity mismatch).

WhyCantIThinkOfAGoodOne Mon 13-Apr-20 13:24:17

Holly Webb books are very easy to read and great for kids who like animals - lots of female leads too, dragon master series (not a female protagonist but lots of strong female characters) are even easier.

RicStar Mon 13-Apr-20 13:39:23

Walker books did a whole series of first chapter books that a really good for that age not currently available on amazon but you might be able to find somewhere.

WhyCantIThinkOfAGoodOne Mon 13-Apr-20 14:18:52

Also the rabbit and bear are great! I'd recommend Dirty Bertie but probably not so great for a girly girl.

Bellesavage Mon 13-Apr-20 20:11:00

Great, thank you! Is the rainbow series the ones with the awful weather fairies? She loved that but the content was so dull to listen to confused I guess whatever helps her get excited about books though!

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Dinosforall Tue 14-Apr-20 20:31:09

@Bellesavage sorry not sure though Wikipedia tells me there are over 200 of them confused grin


wtftodo Sat 18-Apr-20 15:27:24

Isadora moon? Not as dire as rainbow fairies and also q jolly with lots of pictures. My child also like Claude the dog and the Jill Tomlinson series eg “the owl who was afraid of the dark” at the same time. Moved on to the magic treehouse series.

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