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becks5109 Wed 12-Sep-07 12:05:49

when you put your 3 choices on the form - if you don't get offered a place then do you automatically go on the school's waiting list? Also if you know you don't have a hope of a school but want to get on the waiting list do you need to put it on the form or can you apply to go on the waiting list after the allocations are all finished? Thanks

hana Wed 12-Sep-07 12:07:43

this may differ in different area.

we didn't get first choice
sent out letter asking if we wanted to go on waiting list for first choice, and I had to comfrim that yes we did

not sure about your second questionn, is this a 4th school that you want to put down?

becks5109 Wed 12-Sep-07 12:40:07

thanks hana - I'm wondering if its even worth writing our preferred ones on the form as we pretty much know we won't get them but I want to get the waiting lists for them if possible. I think we'll end up writing 3 down and won't get offered any of them - we'll get offered the ones nearest to us which we don't want!

pooka Wed 12-Sep-07 13:03:21

I think that what you should do is put down 3 choices, including at least ONE that traditionally covers your home. Then, when offers are made you can contact the schools you want to be on the waiting list for, and ask to be put on.

With me, I put down 1st and third choices that have traditionally covered my house and a second choice that was a maybe in terms of proximity. In the end, didn't get my closest school (1st choice). Didn't get my second choice, which was a maybe for proximity. And only just got my third choice, which has a larger catchment. Thank goodness. Am still on the waiting list for choice 1, which is my preferred school. But am 14th (2 form entry) so no chance really.

But am very relieved not to have put 3 no-hopers in my choices, because would not have been happy with the schools I would probably have been offered.

LIZS Wed 12-Sep-07 13:04:29

If you don't name them you'll be right at the bottom of a waiting list .

janinlondon Wed 12-Sep-07 13:32:09

Some LEAs are no longer operating waiting lists, as they encourage a climate of expectation. hmm

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