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pinkprosseco Sun 22-Mar-20 12:40:16

Just a thought...

While I can completely see the benefits of closing the nations primary schools during the efforts to control the corona virus outbreak, the stress on parents not only home working but also home schooling is becoming more apparent. How realistic is it to expect parents to continue their full on jobs as well as encouraging, entertaining and schooling their children all under one roof?
While I'm not saying this idea is the answer, I'm hoping it would reduce the stress and demand on parents, as well as increase the effectiveness of home learning for children. And we can do it all using resources already out there!

Most households have access to a TV, and access to the 'free view' channels including the BBC. So, using the national curriculum, our qualified teachers, and our publicly funded broadcaster, we could create and broadcast 'School Days' for children in primary education.

A weekly 'school day timetable' is released to parents, not only do they know what to prepare their children for, but also allows them to manage their meetings and work schedule around the timetable.

As a minimum, a dedicated channel per two years of primary school. ( i.e Years 1 and 2 one channel, 3 and 4 on another and 5 and 6 on another).

The timetable includes all subjects that are within the national curriculum (including PE!) and recorded by Qualified Teachers. The daily 'School Day' broadcast would include breaks and lunch times, with normally children programmes playing at this time, to try and mirror a normal school day if the schools were open.

Teachers can continue to release work for their pupils and support them how they have been, but the work released would be inline with the School Day timetable (national curriculum already means all schools will be running similar lessons at the same time). The School Day broadcast is a supporting and engagement mechanism to help ease the strain of parents.

Those children of key and frontline workers who cannot work from home would continue going into school as they have been.

I am aware this is not perfect, but may help take the pressure of parents working from home and engage our kids in this difficult time in their school life!

What do you all think??

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ErrolTheDragon Sun 22-Mar-20 12:49:35

There used to beof schools broadcasts when I was a kid - i think it must have been on BBC1 in the morning. Adults didn't expect daytime TV then. And of course there was OU stuff on late evenings.
Sounds like a good idea - I'd turn over BBC and possibly channel 4 to this if the content could be sorted out.

ErrolTheDragon Sun 22-Mar-20 12:50:15

I meant BBC 2, not the whole of the beeb. Oh, and radio 5 as there's no sports?

GreenTulips Sun 22-Mar-20 12:52:01

They are doing this already

Tiggering Wed 01-Apr-20 12:41:08

The national curriculum does not mean every child within a 2 year age bracket is doing the same thing at the same time. Some children might be learning short division while others in the same class are still learning how to share beads into equal groups. This idea sounds lovely but in practise it would be a lot of work and expense and only be suitable for a minority of children.

JemimaPuddleCat Wed 01-Apr-20 12:50:36

Do you realise the National Curriculum isn't actually national?

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