A letter to my little girl

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Sadmammaof2 Fri 20-Mar-20 14:20:26

To my sweet (sometimes bossy) 5 year old.

Mummy will leave here home in an hour. I'll put a packet of biscuits in my pocket and walk the mile to your school. I'll stand in the little playground where all the reception children play and wait for your teacher to let you all out one by one. I'll smile and say goodbye to your teacher and try and hold it together as we walk away.

I wish I could explain to you that life is changing. I wish I could make you understand that your first year of school has been cut short. That there is a large chance this is your last day in reception. Your last day with the teacher you think so much of. The teacher you quote at home. The teacher who has been your first adult away from me to see you every day.

I wish I could help you understand it could be a very long time until you can see your class friends again. That when you next see them you will possibly be in the next class. Some of you won't be together because there's 3 classrooms of years 1/2. The walls will be different. Your peg will be different. Your teacher will be different. Your daily routine will be different.

I wish we could enjoy the Easter holidays this year. We wanted to take you to the beach. We wanted to buy rock for your school friends. We wanted to have a rest before we took you back to your school life. Your friends. Your favourite subject pe. You love the art corner. You are in it every day . You have began to read and write. You can now name the planets. You giggle and laugh with your friends after school and you charge ahead together. We sometimes stop at the park and I watch you swing with your friends. I often wanted to just get home because your little brother is getting fed up and we need to cook tea..... I regret that now. I regret it because now I would give anything to have a boring Sunday washing uniform and a rushed morning. Instead we could be looking at 4 months of you being home. I will try my best to help you learn. I will read and write with you. I will try and teach you about animals and seasons. I will take you for a walk to kill the long days. We will try and go outside in the garden. We will eat lunch together again just like we used to. It will be so nice to have you around. But I am still sad. Because I know you are happiest at school. I know you need your friends. I know your teacher inspires you. I know the atmosphere makes you happy. You love being in your school. You love telling us what you now know. What you did at lunch. Who you played with. What you ate. You love your walk home. You love your weekends with us. I don't want this for you. I don't want you to have everything you know removed. I don't want today to be your last day. I don't want you to stop doing the routine of school. Your bedroom is so quiet. Your garden is so small. There are no other children.

I love you so much and I wish I could change all this for you. Your first year of school and you have been robbed of your first disco. Your first school trip. Your first sports day.

I am so proud of how you have adjusted to school and settled in. I am sorry we now have to confuse everything we have taught you. But we hope when you do go back you pick the joy straight back up. I hope you skip up the road and run straight into class. I hope you adore your new teacher and class. I hope this doesn't phase you. Because it breaks my heart to think this could hurt you. This could make you anxious. This could make you worry.

We will get through this sad time. Love you always mummy xxx

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Unshriven Fri 20-Mar-20 14:22:58

Jesus Christ.

She's away from school for a while, not dying.

Smellbellina Fri 20-Mar-20 14:23:50

Just did a little sick in my mouthy

NewYearNewJob123 Fri 20-Mar-20 14:23:50

Oh Dear Lord.

Leostar Fri 20-Mar-20 14:27:51

If she is worried, have you considered that your obvious anxiety may be being passed on to her.

Let her be a child. All she cares about is cuddles! Kids are far more resilient that you realise.

Please try and relax and take this a day at a time

SoupDragon Fri 20-Mar-20 14:28:03


avocadoze Fri 20-Mar-20 14:31:53

I feel sad too, OP. flowers

I’m about to collect my kids from school and the whole thing feels crushing. I’ll get over it, and so will they, but it’s sad.


GulliBelle Fri 20-Mar-20 14:34:35


KedsAndTubeSocks Fri 20-Mar-20 14:34:38

Yeah I don't think it's school closing early that's making her anxious!

LaMarschallin Fri 20-Mar-20 14:36:35

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DearTeddyRobinson Fri 20-Mar-20 14:37:53

Bloody hell calm down OP

DearTeddyRobinson Fri 20-Mar-20 14:38:11

Also, vom

CoronaIsComing Fri 20-Mar-20 14:39:04

I mean it’s a bit dramatic...

DS is in year 6 and may never return to primary school again... but we have to be positive, we don’t know what’s going to happen and there’s absolutely no point in being melodramatic!

coronawhatnow Fri 20-Mar-20 14:39:08

She'll be fine, my DC has found a muddy patch in the garden and is using a twig to daub markings on the fence. They are having a wonderful time.

Thisismytimetoshine Fri 20-Mar-20 14:40:09

Sweet Jesus 🤢

SirChable Fri 20-Mar-20 14:41:22

80 years ago, children not much older than yours were preparing to go away to war.

Now they’re preparing to sit around at home for a bit.

Get a grip.

FaFoutis Fri 20-Mar-20 14:42:29

That's mad. Of course she will have a 1st disco etc. You need to get this into perspective.

ChanklyBore Fri 20-Mar-20 14:43:55

They were going to be off for the Easter holiday soon enough anyway. Reception age, it’s really not going to make much difference. So much to entertain them at home, and it’s not like you need to keep up their studies other than a bit of reading and colouring, is it?

Want to swap for a teenager used to freedom and lots of exercise, who has just started seeing her first boyfriend? You sound more melodramatic than her and she’s in full star-crossed lover phase.

OP, it is shit. For everyone. But kids missing their friends is very low on the ladder of things to get worked up about. (FaceTime) You know she will still get her first school trip, first sports day, etc etc etc right?

Whiffenpoofs Fri 20-Mar-20 14:45:45

What a load of twee shite envy (sick, not envy)

Deux Fri 20-Mar-20 14:46:16

FFS there’s people dying, doctors ventilated in ICU, a global health crisis, no food in the shops.

Maybe send it to Best magazine?

Deux Fri 20-Mar-20 14:48:03

And consider yourself lucky that you don’t have a year 11 or year 13 leaving school today without any fecking exams.

Whiffenpoofs Fri 20-Mar-20 14:48:15

Your first year of school and you have been robbed of your first disco.

Actually, I take that back - if this is said without irony, it is comedy gold grin

MrsDeltaB Fri 20-Mar-20 14:48:40

Aw I think OP is getting a rough time, although I only read the first three paras, I've got 3 daughters, with the middle one on her last year of first school. All the mums are emotional today, they are going to miss out so much, memories to make and all that stuff. It's sad.

My youngest will leave reception and the teacher she is so fond off. There hasn't been much time to practically and emotionally prepare for this in the way we would have done were it ending in July

C'mon let's be kind about it, it's how OP feels.

TootsieTweets Fri 20-Mar-20 14:48:43

I cant remember being 4, or 5 or 6. I doubt she will be too traumatised OP.

My DD is more upset about me not letting her go on her kindle from 07.00-19.00 every day so far hmm

AmputatedSoul Fri 20-Mar-20 14:49:20


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