Primary schools in Stanmore

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singhekta Sun 15-Mar-20 12:38:41


I am looking to move from Greenwich to Stanmore sometime in the second half of this year. I have a 4 year old daughter who currently goes to reception in an Outstanding rated school in Greenwich. I was hoping to get some insight on the schools in Stanmore. I am looking at areas near Stanmore station, Canon's Park and Edgware. There are no Outstanding rated schools in those areas but I have done some research and Aylward, Stanburn and Whitchurh look good so far. If anyone has personal experience of any of these schools or could provide me with inputs, that would be extremely helpful. Aylward looks quite good at the moment and the location is convenient too. Do any of you have children going to any of these schools and can you provide me with feedback please?

Thank you,

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Watermelon39 Tue 30-Jun-20 11:51:55

Hello! Just giving this message a bump as I also am interested in hearing about Aylward primary!

BusyMumHere Sun 19-Jul-20 21:02:31

@singhekta @Watermelon39 Did you get any feedback on the school? Please do share what you've gathered so far.

singhekta Mon 20-Jul-20 11:39:41

Nope. Nothing at all. I have posted about this in so many places and surprisingly haven't received a response from anywhere at all.

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BusyMumHere Wed 22-Jul-20 21:48:14

@singhekta Thanks for replying. Have you checked Krishna Avanti school? I hear it's quite good.

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