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LondonJJ Thu 05-Mar-20 07:44:15

Our DS is currently in year 1 at an independent school in west London that is nurturing but not particularly academic. It is improving, but we feel he is almost getting a little bit bored at school (when it comes to learning at least).

So although nearly all the boys at his current school stay until 11 (and some until 13) we are looking at the usual 7+ options in the wider area - St Pauls, Latymer, Westminster and Kings (although that is much further for us).

I have two questions which I hope people on here who have been through the process might be able to advise on:

1. What can we do to support our DS for the 7+ Process if the school is not at all set up or interested in helping for this? (And may even be annoyed we are considering it!)

2. We know how hard it is to get into those schools. Another option would be to still move him at 7+ to a school that may better prepare him for 11+. I know it’s two moves but we both feel that could be better than just staying and hoping for the best where he is. Can people suggest good west London (boys or co-Ed) schools that take children at 7+ but also prepare them to leave at 11 or 13? Somewhere like Falkner House maybe?

Thanks for your help.

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