Year 3 place and in year applications

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BluePotatoes Thu 20-Feb-20 14:52:50

Moving house so will have to move schools as well. We will move over the summer holidays.
We need a Y5 and Y3 place. I’m happy that for Y5 we need to do an in year application but what about Y3?
Do we make an in year application or should we have applied for a Y3 junior school place through the council?
(The schools we are looking at are full primary schools, one is a junior school)

Another thing, if they start at the beginning of the school year is this classed as in in year admission? Just the council website says “Pupils usually start school at the beginning of the school year in September. Sometimes your child will need to change school after this because.....” which sounds to me like we shouldn’t be making in year applications?

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prh47bridge Thu 20-Feb-20 16:52:21

Any application for entry to a new school outside the normal admissions round is classed as an in-year admission. Yes, that is a little misleading when you are actually applying to enter at the start of a new school year but that is the terminology used.

It is far too late to worry about whether you should have applied for a junior school place but the reality is it wouldn't have made any difference if you had. You would have been applying from your current address, not your new address. It sounds like the move is too far for your children to carry on at their current school so it is very unlikely you would have been offered a place.

BluePotatoes Sat 22-Feb-20 09:47:55

Excellent. Thanks for clearing that up for me, I understand now.

Yes. The move is too far for them to stay at their current school.

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