St Michael's C of E School Bournemouth

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BigWhiteRabbit Sun 09-Feb-20 23:01:21

hello! I'm hoping to move to Bournemouth and St Michael's would be our local primary school. I'm wondering what it's like, apart from what I can see in terms of Ofsted and K2 results. Could anyone help please? Any insight at all would be really helpful. thanks

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Threekindmice Mon 10-Feb-20 13:16:40

My children loved attending this school and achieved well. The staff are great and really caring. One of the best things about it is the diversity and inclusive approach that it has. That's why I was so keen for my children to go there and I'm proud of their open-mindedness and their attitude towards the world. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the the school.

BigWhiteRabbit Mon 10-Feb-20 15:13:38

thanks Threekindmice, that's great feedback. were you children there fairly recently?

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Threekindmice Mon 10-Feb-20 21:07:06

Yes, up until a few months ago. They still have friends there. If you have any other questions feel free to pm me.

BigWhiteRabbit Sun 16-Feb-20 14:19:04

thanks Threekindmice I may well get in touch. school looks great, my son is half Italian and the Italian consulate runs classes after school there....hoping the right property comes up for us....

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