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Alma27 Fri 07-Feb-20 22:16:13

I am considering sending my daughter to Daiglen School in Buckhurst Hill and I'm looking for feedback as to what the school is like. I'm hoping it will be a small, cosy, nurturing environment, not too pushy. My daughter is quite shy so I'm hoping the small class will allow teachers more 121 time so she can grow in confidence etc.
Is this a realistic expectation, does anyone have any feedback with regards to this school please?
Thank you!

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Lotusleaf3 Sun 23-Feb-20 11:12:32

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Alma27 Sun 23-Feb-20 12:09:10

Oh wow, thank you for this. Indeed, I have seen the ISI reports and it was a bit of a worry but I didnt have the insight into what triggered it...ahh such a shame...
Thank you very much for your feedback

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Layla82 Sun 23-Feb-20 21:16:13

I would avoid this school and agree with the previous person. Apparently there are only 9/10 children in each class as most have left to go to Woodford Prep or Loyola. My friend had a daughter there but left to go to Braeside. Shame as it used to be a good school back in the day.

Blinks20 Sun 23-Feb-20 21:22:08

Definetly avoid. Look at Oaklands school in Loughton - by DS he been there since age 4 and due to leave end of year 6 in July. Currently has offers for bancrofts/ Chigwell - he’s really flourished at this school.

HidingInACupboard Wed 20-May-20 16:03:54

I’ve had my kids at Daiglen and they’ve all thrived. The class sizes are around 20 in the early years and the teachers are so sensitive and caring. They get them reading from an early age but without the aggressive push you get in some schools. The kids across the school all know each other and the older kids have a lovely caring familial nurturing way about them especially towards the younger kids. Your daughter will flourish there. The early years team is fantastic. The school also gets some great results in the older years - I’m not there yet but looking forward to it. Go to the next open day and see how you feel - do that with every school you are considering. You won’t be disappointed with daiglen.

rebeccaacceber Thu 21-May-20 13:18:51


We were also looking at Daiglen as we are hoping to move to the area soon. I am quite concerned about the feedback now.

R x


Alma27 Sat 23-May-20 21:21:16

Indeed, I have spoken with more parents and we have decided to pull out of Daiglen unfortunately, despite paying the initial fee..

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Dulciesbigsister Thu 09-Jul-20 11:25:58

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Birch30 Sat 12-Sep-20 16:20:10

Now that the schools open again, we’re planning on sending our girl there next year, have things improved for current parents, has the head teacher been responsive to this negative feedback... ps do they now have external catering with no on site chef,.. really disappointing if true...thank you

Bubbleblossom Wed 16-Sep-20 10:32:21

These posts make me so sad, Daiglen is a lovely nurturing school with lovely staff who go above and beyond what is expected. They have many happy parents. I have children in both early years and juniors who are flourishing. Yes they got a new headmistress who brought about some change but maybe others shouldn't be too eager to judge and express failings. Once one starts it seems lots follow. Some of the changes have been excellent! for one the new music teacher is fabulous. When your 5 year old comes home singing the Beatles and telling you all about musical genres you know. Sports have been extended and there is now a girls football team. Junior class sizes are small as kids leave at 7+ .
Academic teaching in upper years is very good and we have lots of prep lessons for 11+ and school entry. If you think that parents at other local schools aforementioned don't tutor their kids for entrance exams then you are a bit naive. Of course the schools won't tell you and quite often the parents won't admit it, these are competative exams! They are competing against your child. Look at the Daiglen website to see what offers they got last year grin.
Early years is nuturing and having gone through it I have nothing but praise for the staff. I completely agree that all the kids across the school know each other and the older kids have a lovely caring familial nurturing way about them especially towards the younger kids.
To answer the question above Daiglen has an on site chef/ catering team and everything is freshly prepared. My kids love the meals.
I think the head has 'woken up' and Daiglen is a school to watch. I wouldn't hesitate to send my child there.

Nubbin Wed 16-Sep-20 10:37:02

My dd is at Braeside in y6 worth looking at - it is a lovely school and academic standards v good. They have invested a lot in moving to one site and will be coed from next year. I'm surprised anyone in y6 has offers from Bancroft/Chigwell already as admissions haven't started for Sept 2021 yet.

Nubbin Wed 16-Sep-20 10:42:22

Sorry - just seen v old thread so comments were last academic year.

Bubbleblossom Wed 16-Sep-20 10:48:48

Yes they have an onsite chef he is great!
See my reply.

Birch30 Sat 10-Oct-20 13:31:55

Thank you all so much for your replies.
It sounds like Daiglen school has pulled its socks up since the criticism and isi issues based on this feed.
However in all honesty would Woodford Prep be a better choice if a place were to be offered to us?
Is Woodford Prep a better school in terms of accessibility to the head teacher and prep for 11plus and entrance exams?
Many thanks

Bubbleblossom Thu 05-Nov-20 21:37:02

Personally I think it depends on your child. I had a friend who pulled her little one out of Woodford as it wasn't right for them and he hated it. I'm sure others are happy. One thing is they have much bigger class sizes, 25 or sometimes more in upper years.

pinkangeldaisy1 Mon 09-Nov-20 09:45:07

Whatever you do don't go near Braeside. They take your money, tell you what you want to hear and actually do nothing more than a council school well actually they do less. We wasted 6 years of my daughters precious time and after leaving last January the change for the better is monumentous. Its not until you leave you realise you were being fobbed off the whole time. There are also favourites and if your child isn't one of them they won't get equal opps even though you all pay the same. The previous head was at least professional but the current head just does not seem appropriate in my opinion. Just watch the school website videos and you can work out she's just not experienced enough for a £12,000 per year school. So glad we got out when we did!

Birch30 Mon 09-Nov-20 13:37:13

Thanks Guys. Really appreciate the feedback. To add to the mix I note the comments about state school being just as effective.... does anyone have a current opinion on St. John’s primary in Buckhurst Hill? I think they have 30 in the class there with 2 form entry? The small class sizes within Daiglen are appealing but are they sustainable financially for the school and is teaching quality better as a result?
The woodford prep and St. John’s headteachers seem very on the ball and the schools have quite a waiting list but they are bigger schools??
Further comments/ opinions would be so welcome??
ps. Really don’t want to end up in pinkangeldaisy’s position - really feel for you and your child..

Pinkflamingo3 Sat 05-Dec-20 13:36:54

I have a child at Daiglen and I couldnt recommend the school more - the staff in early years are nurturing and simply great. In older years the teachers are well experienced, have great subject knowledge and really care and listen to you as a parent. It is definitely the right school if you want an individual approach too. My child is absolutely thriving both academically and socially. Lovely school.

Bubbleblossom Thu 18-Mar-21 20:08:58

Just an update to this post. Exam results were fantastic this year!! 34 places offered for 11 students. A full list is on the Daiglen School Website. A true reflection of the school and the hard work of the pupils. Upper years teachers are amazing and inspiring!!

Layla82 Fri 19-Mar-21 14:42:20

Out of interest, how many children were in the Year 6 class? I’ve heard that they still can’t retain there numbers in the juniors.

Bubbleblossom Sat 20-Mar-21 18:11:03

There are 11 children. I don't think this is unusal for the school it's been that way for a long time. Upper prep is definately more bespoke teaching as you get further into it.

Lotusleaf3 Sat 20-Mar-21 21:44:25

Daiglen has had a steady decline in numbers across all years since change in leadership. Of course there are parents who will turn a blind eye to whats really going on. Up until a few years ago, you were lucky if there was a place available in any given class. If not, you were put on a waiting list. All classes now have spaces. All year long.

Exhale123 Tue 07-Sep-21 21:03:30

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk guidelines.

Bubbleblossom Wed 08-Sep-21 15:15:36

I feel like I need to reply to this post as factually it is incorrect and I don't think it is a true reflection on the hard work the teachers put into the school. Also reading the posts I don't think some of the people who have commented actually have experience of what they are commenting on.
I've experienced first hand 11+ preparation at Daiglen and upper years teachers are amazing. I have friends with kids at both Daiglen and other local independent schools who have commented on how inspiring and amazing the upper prep teachers are. I also think it is completely unfair to comment/ compare previous years to last year when it was so disrupted.
Children play football in the school grounds. I saw this just yesterday.
There is a football team, girls included. There is also a cricket, rounders and tag rugby teams. Plus cross country and triathlon if that's your thing.
Each child in Y6 got at least 2 offers of independent schools, if they sat 11+.
My advice is to go and look at the school. The teachers are kind, experienced and the children are happy. You'll get a good first hand insight. There are many happy parents.

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