Moving to Edinburgh- catchment areas dilemmas

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Penelopeleft Sat 01-Feb-20 09:39:09

Hi there!
Anyone from Edinburgh?
We are moving from a London to Edinburgh and planning to buy a flat. We have a 16 month old so thinking ahead about schools. He will go to P1 in 2023. There are two properties we liked and are considering making an offer for. The one we like more is in Canonmills/Inverleith... it's in the catchment area for Broughton primary and I have read people are not too keen on this school due to it being very very big. Any feedback? We would be very close to Stockbridge and Flora S's catchments bit just on the wrong side of the border.
The second flat (nice but needs more work and we are not as 'in love' with it) is in Morningside/Colinton and in the catchment for South Morningside school which I hear is excellent. Any advice from those of you who are local? Thank you all in advance.

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GallusAlice79 Sat 01-Feb-20 11:08:41

I think you would get more responses if you posted on Scotsnet grin

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