Free alternate schools in the UK?

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Trustthejourney Fri 31-Jan-20 21:50:52

Hi, any recommendations for any free alternate schools in the UK anywhere south of Leeds please? Primary age. My daughter is super smart but is worn down by the normal school structure as she's pushed a lot and seems to have no chance to be a child there, I think an alternative school ethos would really suit her, but all the ones I've found seem to be a fortune! Do you know of any free or lower cost ones please and if so what are they like? Huge thanks for any help.

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M3ssiahMe Tue 11-Feb-20 14:57:29

There is a new school opening in SE19- it's called The New School

M3ssiahMe Tue 11-Feb-20 14:57:52

Sorry, just read that you are in Leeds, this one is in London!

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