Europa school Culham - any experiences?

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confusedmumma1 Thu 30-Jan-20 14:56:27


We are starting to think about schools for our daughter for reception for next September. We live in the catchment for the Europa School and have heard mostly good things about it. However I know it has changed a lot over the last few years and is going to continue to expand for several years to come.

I love the concept of a bilingual education but bit worried about how DD will cope coming from a monolingual family and having to deal with half the week in another language in a class of 30 children and a year group of 90. How on earth can one teacher and a teaching assistant with children of varying levels of foreign language acquistion work effectively? Has anyone had any good/bad experiences with this?

Also I don't see much on their website regarding pastoral care which is very important to us. Any info would be very much appreciated!

Thanks smile

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