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MummyAZTM Sat 25-Jan-20 22:04:32

Thanks sooooo much for your kind advise. I’m feeling genuinely stressed and saddened by the whole thing as I really think my daughter would be a great fit for a selective school as she is bright and full of character and not sure how wasn’t given a place. Her nursery teachers all agreed and encouraged us to apply and were v suprised. But i guess anything happens on the day. Thanks so much again

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waterbottle12 Sat 25-Jan-20 21:47:28

hold off paying the backup prep until their deadline day. if you don't have a place by then you might have to risk losing the prep deposit.

waterbottle12 Sat 25-Jan-20 21:46:56

Yes, I would call, get to know the admissions woman. Ask her where your daughter is on the WL and how much the list moves most years. Don't pester her every hour, but make it clear how much you want the place. When my daughter was on the WL I dropped in a typed letter addressed to the head saying how gutted we were that she didn't have a place outright, outlining the reasons why the school was our first choice and why we felt she would be a good fit and reassuring the head that we were definitely still interested. We got the call with a place 4 days after offers went out.

MummyAZTM Sat 25-Jan-20 21:37:06

Thanks Lizs. I have heard this too. But worried not to pay up my back up prep a place Incase I lose everything. Do people generally pay up the fees and happily lose it if something better comes up.

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MummyAZTM Sat 25-Jan-20 21:35:39

Thanks so much for the advise. Its Wimbledon High junior; It’s so stressful and the whole experience slightly unfair given they make this judgement over an hour only! I will keep the back up prep on hold and not pay up until I hear more. Is it worth calling to show interest? I have called once already but I remember on the assessment day they encouraged us to keep calling.

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LIZS Sat 25-Jan-20 21:33:37

There will also be some waiting for state school allocations in April , willing to cancel if they get first choice at that point.

waterbottle12 Sat 25-Jan-20 21:31:55

What school is WHS? Don't know that one but people usually sit for 4-5 schools at 4+ so in the first week after offers those with more than one offer will start declining the spares and waiting lists will move. In NW London they all have the same final date so you can hang onto your backup if you have one but not confirm it/pay the deposit til the last minute in case a place at WHS comes up.


MummyAZTM Sat 25-Jan-20 18:33:30

Hello parents, just wanted some advise about the 4 + waiting list and how it generally works. My daughter on this for WHS and I’m just wondering if there is much point in waiting around for this or actually better securing else where? I would be greatful for your advise. thanks

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