Wilmslow and Alderley Edge schools

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positive80 Wed 22-Jan-20 10:40:16

Just wondering if anyone has any info on schools in the above areas please and what options people make in terms of the preps, grammars and state schools. I hear some pay prep fees to get kids into the grammars later on but how does the catchment work as most are in Trafford?

The preferred state schools are all full in both areas at the moment for the year groups we need, 1 & 2. We would consider prep but husband doesn't understand why pay when the schools are very good but we might not even get in as they are full!

Also how good are the state primaries? I know Wilmslow High is very big and oversubscribed, this could be a concern but if we live more towards Alderley Edge way then Fallibroome in Macc is an option.

Many thanks, it's like a minefield! I'm from Knutsford and am moving back up from the south so need to get this right.

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