Sutton primary schools

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switcharoo Tue 21-Jan-20 16:04:04

Considering if we need to move house or stay put, DS will be in the 2022 intake so we have time. Just looking for feedback on any experiences, our closest schools are Manor Park, although heard majority of children have English as a second language, or all saints Benhilton but we're not Christian so considering do we start going to church to get in?

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JoJoSM2 Tue 21-Jan-20 16:18:56

Why does the international intake at Manor Park bother you? I think it’s a really lovely school although the site is quite small as it’s very central.

switcharoo Tue 21-Jan-20 16:56:55

It doesn't hugely it wouldn't put me off a school but I just hadn't realised it was new information and something I'd never considered before. I wonder if teachers time might be spent more on those children that struggled with their English.
My primary school was a tiny school in a village so the site still seems huge to me smile

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switcharoo Tue 21-Jan-20 16:57:32

Have you had direct experience with the school @JoJoSM2

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JoJoSM2 Tue 21-Jan-20 17:04:34

Yes, I’ve got direct experience of most schools in the borough due to the line of work I was in wink Personally, I like the feel of Manor Park but then I’m EAL myself and like diversity.

Academically, the school is very strong and it’s Ofsted Outstanding too. I don’t think I’d worry about the teachers not giving your child enough attention.

You can have a look at some stats here:

JoJoSM2 Tue 21-Jan-20 17:17:44

Just as a side note, EAL is a broad term. Eg I’m EAL and DH is English. DS is exposed to English every day as that’s the language used around our family, friends, in the nursery etc However, he’ll be classed as EAL as I also speak another language to him.

JoJoSM2 Tue 21-Jan-20 17:18:22

So EAL doesn’t just mean children new to the country and the language.


switcharoo Tue 21-Jan-20 18:37:11

Thanks for all that info @JoJoSM2 that link looks very useful! Although we're current about 40m too far away going on the last 3 years admissions!

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missl1 Tue 21-Jan-20 18:56:45

I agree with you entirely @jojosm2. This is not a comment on OP but a more general rant on the subject of EAL. I think people are too quick to assume it means children will have a terrible grasp of English when, more often than not, it means children arrive at primary school already speaking TWO languages. When we were searching for a primary school I remember speaking to another mum who said they didn't want to send their kid to our local primary as it was over 50% EAL. In the end they sent them to another (German-speaking) primary despite the fact they could only speak English. The irony of that was entirely lost on her. In my experience (and not saying you OP) people raise EAL as an issue when really diversity is the issue.

switcharoo Tue 21-Jan-20 19:36:39

@missl1 no it's ok I agree with what you said, when I heard 'additional language' I had visions of children almost having to learn it at the school and only having a basic grasp rather than having two equal primary languages (I realise a contradiction in the use of primary there!)
Certainly diversity isn't the issue otherwise we wouldn't be living in Sutton smile

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