8+ waiting list for SPJS / WUS /KCS

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VeryWorriedParents19 Mon 20-Jan-20 13:59:13

DS is on waiting list on two of the schools and we are very worried. Would be great to know how many have received multiple offers from these schools and how likely the waiting list will move? Any past experience would appreciate!

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fantasticlilfox Mon 20-Jan-20 15:25:37

We are on the wait list for WUS so would also like to know if there might be any movements. We did not go for any other schools and I understand SPJS offers came out today?

@VeryWorriedParents19 which schools are your son on wait list for?

VeryWorriedParents19 Mon 20-Jan-20 16:05:25

Our DS on WUS and SPJS. Can’t imagine to wait until 31 Jan. Thought all would be over by the end of today & the whole process is tiring

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keely79 Mon 20-Jan-20 19:01:08

Fingers crossed for all of you. We were offered WUS and St Paul's and will be taking WUS so hope that helps.

VeryWorriedParents19 Mon 20-Jan-20 20:04:11

Hi @keely79 congrats to your DS! thx a lot! Fingers crossed!

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fantasticlilfox Thu 30-Jan-20 16:23:03

@VeryWorriedParents19 did your son get a place at SPJS in the end? WUS had no movement on waitlist so unfortunate for us on that. Hope you had better luck for SPJS.

Putneyd Thu 30-Jan-20 16:58:20

Our DS did not clear the interview unfortunately but I know from a friend who was WL 7 and got a call from SPJ on a Tuesday. What is your WL number at SPJ? If it is under 12 or 13 I feel there is a chance you may well get a call soon.

Also on a separate point, Our DS is on the waitlist for KCS which apparently hasn’t moved at all. Anyone who is in a similar position?

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