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mum1205 Fri 17-Jan-20 20:31:22

Looking for some advice we applied for primary school for our little one for sept 2020, we received an email from the primary inviting us to attend a parent workshop, has anyone attended something like this before?? And what are they all about??

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cabbageking Fri 17-Jan-20 20:47:40

It is to offer advice about how school operates.

It might be how they teach phonic or internet safety. It usually has a theme but perhaps it is a general one where they answer all questions.

It is also a time to get to know other parents and share worries and concerns.

It helps school raise the idea of the PTA, who might fancy reading in class, being a governor, who might be a parent they can approach for SRE feedback or even to find out what support/ training/ parents would like around something.

School are required to engage with parents and the local community, try to establish links and consider community needs, different cultures and in some cases global links.

CrocodileFrock Fri 17-Jan-20 21:21:05

Some primary schools offer workshops about helping your child to become 'school ready'. They teach parents about skills that will be useful for their child to know/have. These will be things like being able to use the toilet independently, hand-washing, turn-taking, listening to instructions, knowing how to pick up a book and turn the pages in the right way.

Some may seem really obvious but not all parents will realise how useful these skills will be in September.

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